Patch 37: May 16th 2013 Fishing Expansion, Ancient SOS's

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  1. Chris

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    May 14, 2012
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    • Ancient MIB/SOS System
      • Created a new item, the Ancient MIB
      • Created 4 types of these items, each with its own color, link and naming.
      • Created 4 massive instances in the lost lands to host these events.
      • These items are found rarely when fishing and are linked to one of 4 instanced regions.
      • Created a master control stone for these instances to allow complete ingame customization.
      • Created a management system for each stone to allow all of the in-game resources to be linked to each stone.
      • From loot chests, spawn locations, instance entrances, to timers, everything has a central point of control.
      • These instances can be completely customized without restarting the server and will interface directly with in-game resources.
      • Created a complete system of instanced events linked to the MIB and control stones.
      • Designed 2500 lines of functions and processing code to support and completely automate the system.
      • Created an underlying iron-man system allowing brave players to solo these instances for additional rewards.
      • Created a clock item that when linked to a control stone will display the event statistics and can be placed anywhere in the world
      • To learn more about the Ancient MIB/SOS system click here.
        [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    • Champion System
      • All champions have received a moderate increase to their hit-points.
        Note: While this was partially done to increase the life-span of champions, the overall goal here was to allow more room for player eligibility to earn platinum from damaging the champion.
      • Designed a new system of spawn-control in order to slowly centralize the progressive spawn levels as they are progressed.
        This will ensure that the creatures stay centrally active & generally closer to the altar, while maintaining an overall lower total count of units.
      • Further adjustments have been made to the formula which determines eligibility for a players potential of being rewarded platinum from slaying a champion of evil.
      • This will make it much more difficult to obtain a reward without being an active participant in defeating the champion & his minions/spawn.
        Trying to use several of your own characters to damage the champion will most likely result in none of your characters getting platinum, as opposed to using a single character to combat them.
    • Super Champion: Summoning the Harrower
      • The final phase of the champion system has been deployed with the publish of patch 37, players will now be able to summon the harrower & combat this supernatural evil by use of the 6 champion skulls obtained from each of the individual sub-champions.
      • A champion skull platform has been constructed inside the star-room, which is contained within the depths of the terathan-keep basement.
      • In order to summon this great evil, each of the 6 champion skulls must be placed on their respective braziers located on this new platform in the star-room.
        Once a champion's skull has been placed upon its appropriate brazier, you will not be able to retrieve it from its new location. Placing a champion skull on the brazier will lock it into place, and once all 6 skulls are present they will activate the champion platform & self-delete, which will in turn open a dark moongate to a random dungeon where the harrower can be found.
      • Once the harrower has been summoned, you will immediately be able to engage in combat with him.
        Unlike the initial stages of the champion system, there will be no spawn included nor will you be required to progress any type of level or tier advancement. The harrower himself is a stand-alone entity, using each of the 6 champion skulls will immediately set him loose upon a randomly chosen level of a random dungeon.
      • The dark moongate which manifests on top of the skull-platform will only last for a brief duration, so it is imperative that you enter immediately to ensure your knowledge of his location.
        If you happen to miss the dark moongate & it self-destructs before you are able to pass through it, you will still be able to scout his location by normal means.
      • Those brave enough to challenge & defeat the harrower will be rewarded with a substantial amount of a platinum coins.
        Platinum distribution to eligible candidates will be directly awarded to their backpacks, following the same logic as the normal 6 champions currently do.
      • Stat-scrolls have been completely removed from this final stage of the champion system.
        The ability to consume stat-scrolls has been disabled in the event that any scrolls should leak into circulation from any potentially overlooked code.
      • The death-shower which occurs upon the true harrower's death has been modified to match the current status of normal champions.
        Death-shower items will consist of gold, gems, reagents, and the potential for platinum coins. The total amount for each item produced will be significantly higher than that of a normal champion's death.
      • Players who defeat the harrower may find themselves with a new special title.
      • This development completes the deployment of the champion system as a whole. Mechanics regarding the champion system(s) are still under review, and changes to existing functions are subject to modification going forward if discrepancies or imbalances are found.
    • Counselor Program
      • Removed access to the stuck command.
      • Allowed access to the OB (open browser) command for counselors.
      • Updated the page menu to remove a few buttons from the counselor access level.
      • Removed the "Go to Page Location" button from the page menu for Counselors.
      • Removed the Delete Page button from the page menu for Counselors.
      • Added new logic to restrict responding to a page inside a house to Game-Master or above access level.
      • Added a direct link to the counselor guide from the cms gump main menu.
      • Updated the help menu to remove a few commands and add a few commands.
      • Fixed a rare server crash bug related to a character swap and the CMS system.
    • Fishing
      • Continued research on the proper drop rates for fishing items. Minor adjustments were made to the order of checks and drop rates of nets, maps, MIB's and big fish.
        Note: Big fish should be considerably more rare after as a result of this patch
      • Implemented a 5% chance to find an ancient MIB when you fish up a message in a bottle.
      • Created a new shipwreck kraken that you must battle to recover these new items.
    • Fishing - Big Fish
      • Added a date stamp field to the Big Fish items.
        This will allow players to run their own fishing events by being able to track when the fish were caught.
    • Houses
      • Resolved a minor problem with the name of the keys created when you place a large keep.
    • Items
      • Created a new bow; the pirate bow, with similar properties to the orcish bow.
      • Added a new reagent type; dragons blood, to be used in the future.
      • Created a new rare; the pirate spyglass
      • Created a new rare; grave dirt, a 2 part spawning rare.
      • Created a new subclass of rares; rare gems.
      • Created over 10 new rare gems to be used for various purposes in the future.
      • Created a new rare, a cat o' 9 tails whip
      • Created 5 new containers, called bone containers.
      • 4 New containers are flip-able.
    • Items - Ethereal Mounts
      • Raised the summoning time of the ethereal mounts to 5 seconds.
      • Summoning an ethereal mount is now a revealing action.
      • Summoning an ethereal mount is subject to interruption, any damage taken, hostile effects, or adverse conditions applied during the summoning process will interrupt the summoning process. Interruption of this process is the same as spell interruption, you will have to restart the process from scratch & the summoning timer will start back at its full length of 5 seconds.
      • Ethereal mounts will consume 1 control slot.
      • Enabled the display of the loot-type for all ethereal mounts.
        This will allow an ease of trading, buying, or selling of these items as they will now display their blessed tags.
    • Items - Firebombs
      • Removed the ability to create the neon-hued (#1260) fire-bomb items using oil clothes
      • Existing fire-bombs are now of a respectable hue (#43).
        Note: Hue 1260 fire-bombs may or may not be removed in the future pending staff review.
    • Items - Stone Crafting
      • Resolved a problem in which various stone crafting items were not displaying the proper names due to missing Cliloc information.
    • Items - Runebooks
      • Runebooks may now be blessed using by means of the platinum system
      • Enabled the loot-type display of runebooks to show their blessed tags when blessed
    • Items - Shipwreck Items
      • Resolved a problem with items fished up from a shipwreck showing the Cliloc ID number(s) rather than the proper name.
    • Items - Trash Barrels
      • Disabled the ability for trash-barrels to automatically empty their contents if a certain amount of items are placed inside them.
      • Trash barrels now take 3 full minutes to empty their contents from the time the last item was added
    • Monsters / Bosses / Event Monsters
    • NPC / Vendors
      • Stone crafter npc's will no longer sell boards as part of their inventory.
      • Created a new vendor for the ancient MIB instances; the variety vendor.
        This vendor will sell essential supplies to players attempting one of the ancient MIB events, as these new instances do not permit players to leave & bank or replenish their resources.
    • Platinum System
      • Rectified a problem with the loot-packs that handle the global platinum distribution on aggressive monsters.
        The chance to get a platinum coin from a any/all aggressive monsters now matches the proper information stored in the compendium
    • Weapons / Combat
      • Found and resolved a minor issue that was allowing the minimum combat hits to be below 50% of a weapons base damage level on a successful hit when parry is not involved.
      • Event after armor absorption damage should rarely be blow 50% of a weapons minimum damage level.
      • Note: Since some fencing weapons have a very low minimum damage, it is still possible to get 1 damage fencing hits.

    Patch 37 Stats
    • Modified Scripts - 63
    • New Scripts - 21
    • New Mobiles - 15
    • Code - 3500+ Lines
    • Patch Application / Patch Notes - 5 Hours
    • Timeframe - 14 Days
    • Coding/Testing Time - 150 Hours
    • Special Thanks to Deacon, Les Claypool, and all our testers for patch 37.
  2. DarkWing

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    Jul 25, 2012
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    nice Work,
  3. [Mobolin]

    [Mobolin] Active Member

    Nov 25, 2012
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    Another amazing patch! Thanks as always to the staff for all their hard work!
  4. SirLanceAlittle

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    Sep 4, 2012
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    First of all, this was an awesome Patch. But I do have a question.

    My question has to do with the last point of the Champion System.
    I am concerned with the wording and just what it implies.
    "Trying to use several of your own characters ... will most likely result in none of your characters getting platinum, as opposed to using a single character to combat them."

    My hopes are that this is referring to the fact that this is meant as a one-man (or one-woman) operation, and that the addition of more than one character in one of these battles will result in no platinum for any character.

    My fear is that this references some behind-the-scenes function of the system that monitors the IPA of all toons and employs some form of character limitor when two or three characters from the same IPA are working together towards a goal, in this case, the battle of a Champion.

    As three accounts are legal here, I often use two computers (soon to be a third) so I can use two characters simultaneously, with one often being simply a healer set on Auto-Follow and running a looping Heal macro to keep the main character at full health, or simply alive.

    Please tell me there is not some built-in penalty for this activity. I would never knowingly violate any rule of this server, so if I am unwittingly violating some rule, please inform me.

    So, please put my mind at rest and give me the answer I HOPE to see. :roll:

    Thank you.
  5. qbradq

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    Apr 21, 2013
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    Champions are not supposed to be a solo event. I think what Chris meant was that you're going to have to do a significant amount of damage to a champ to receive a reward, and that running up to an active champ spawn with three alts and casting a flame-strike on the champ will not cut it. This has happened to many folks in the past, and I think this was an attempt to address it.
  6. SirLanceAlittle

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    Sep 4, 2012
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    Thank you very much qbradq, that makes a lot of sense.
    I didn't think there was anything wrong with playing 2 or 3 characters (0ne from each acct.), but I was a bit corneyfuzzled (confused) and my imagination stared going wild. :oops:
    Thanks again for your note.
  7. Chris

    Chris Renaissance Staff
    Renaissance Staff

    May 14, 2012
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    Correct, A few very minor changes were made to prevent this type of behavior, while having no effect on the average player.
  8. Chris

    Chris Renaissance Staff
    Renaissance Staff

    May 14, 2012
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