Patch 60 - December 14th 2014, Maintenance Patch

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    Holiday Event - Bugfixes
    • Resolved a problem in which a bonus award was appearing in the bosses loot chests with 100% frequency vs 10%.
    • Resolved a problem in which the default name for potted plant deeds was "potted cactus deed".
    • Fixed a problem in which the Frozen Continent event would generate boss chest keys for the scroll owner if only one of the dark spirits was killed.
    • Fixed a problem in which the Dark Elf Archer and Elf Archer did not have the correct archery skill.
    • Fixed a problem that was causing players in a guild, with an active war, to not be able to heal each other during the events.
    • Fixed a problem in which the scrolls that were dropped from monsters had the correct name, but incorrect color.
    • Fixed a problem in which event scrolls would drop during the events. Event scrolls should only drop in the overworld or dungeons. Thanks Liberation

    Holiday Event - Leaderboard
    • Created a holiday event leaderboard allowing players to see the standout performances completing the events.
    • Scoring is calculated by the players you use, follower slots, kills and time.
    • Holiday Event Leaderboard
    • Players who place on the leaderboard at the end of the holiday season will earn a special prize.

    Character Creation
    • Players selecting bowcraft will now start with fletching tools.
    • Players selecting cooking will now start with a skillet.

    • Communication crystals can now support up to 60000 max charges.
    • Fixed a problem in which EStatueOne items were not displaying their assigned name.
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