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    Hello all, in an effort to update another group of prices that have become outdated I call upon the community. :)

    Zookeeper animals on the !pc system are not matching actual sale prices on the forums. Below is a list of proposed price updates to !pc, let me know your thoughts. A few people who have posted sales recently @twarf @Arcanias @Jester1 @trifectafunk

    1. Bloodthirsty bull 1k-5k
    2. Black Sheep 5k-15k
    3. Majestic Hart 5k-15k
    4. Flying Monkey 5k-15k
    5. King Scorpions 10k-20k
    6. Sewer Rat 15k-40k
    7. Rattelsnake 15k-40k
    8. Ram 20k-60k
    9. Crocodile 20k-60k
    10. J Wilson 20k-60k
    11. Mad Cow 20k-60k
    12. Wild Boar 20k-60k
    13. Crimson Drake 40k-70k
    14. Golden Dragon 40k-70k
    15. Hypno Toad 40k-70k
    16. Snow Jaguar 60k-90k
    17. Frost Bear 60k-90k
    18. Arctic Wolf 60k-110k
    19. Silverback Gorilla 60k-110k
    20. Albino Wyrm 90k-110k
    21. Dark Wolf 100k-200k
    22. Savage Ostard 100k-200k
    23. Raging Grizzly 150k-250k
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    These prices look on point to me.
    Great work!

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