Poor Richard's Guide: The Peacemaker

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    My name's Richard Saunders, thou' most folks 'round here call me "Poor Richard" on acount of I'm always broke. In this series of guidebooks I'll be tellin' ya'll how I got what education I do have, but without spending a fortune like some 'round these parts do.

    This guide'll show you the path of the Peacemaker: a man that speaks softly and swings a gigantic battle axe. Like all my guidebooks, this'n rekons you've got a few basics squared away. See my first pamphlet for detail.


    You may find it useful to use your Fighter utility character to turn into your Peacemaker. It'll also help you out if you've already built a Tailor to provide studded leather armor.

    First, decide on your template. Here's a few to consider:

    The Peacemaker: Swordsmanship, Tactics, Anatomy, Healing, Musicmanship, Peacemaking and Resisting Spells
    Pros: High melee damage output, Resisting Spells
    Cons: None

    The Peace-o-Jack: Swordsmanship, Lumberjacking, Tactics, Anatomy, Healing, Musicmanship and Peacemaking
    Pros: Best melee damage over time, Rips through any mid-level spawn
    Cons: No Resisting Spells means you have to tip-toe around casters

    The Disco Hippie (untested): Swordsmanship, Tactics, Anatomy, Healing, Musicmanship, Peacemaking and Discordance
    Pros: Better damage through debuffing, Should be able to handle some of the tougher mobs
    Cons: No Resisting Spells could be a problem

    Note: I plan to test the Disco Hippie in the near future. I will update this guide when I have an idea of how they handle.

    I will cover Archers in another guide, but many of my archer ideas involve peacemaking.


    Before you get out into the field it's a great idea to beef up your peacemaking skills by macroing. Simply get an instrument and start playing it.

    After you hit 80 or so Musicmanship you can start working on Peacemaking using the area peace ability.

    Be sure to do all this standing at the West Britain Bank, just in case someone hasn't got thier bard music filter on.

    Let your peacemaking macro run as long as you like. You can GM using the above method. I began using the skill at 70 against Earth Elementals and had a 100% success rate, but the gains are painfully slow.

    If you've chosen Discordance as one of your skills you might want to macro that one up to. See this thread for a discussion.

    You can also macro your weapon skills, but what's the fun in that?


    Now that you've got your barding skills to a very useful level, put them to use!

    From 30 to 50 Swordsmanship you can fight in graveyards fighting skeletons and zombies. Use peacemaking to control the spawn so you don't get mobbed to death. You can also hit up Despise level 1 for some Lizardman action. You'll want to single-pull the Lizardmen and use Peacemaking to keep them dosile while you hack thier feet from under them. This is a great time to stockpile bones and barbed leather for your tailor to make dex suits with.

    From 50 to the low 80's in Swordsmanship go to Covetous's famous Harpie Room. You'll want to carve the corpses and stockpile feathers for your future Archer. Get at least 10,000, but archers can never have too many feathres.

    From the low 80's to Grand Master Swordsman you have a lot of options.

    Earth Elementals are great for skill and gold. They can be found in Despise level 3 (the first level down from the entrance room) in the south-east corner and the swamp area in the north-central section, as well as Shame level 1 (every-freaking-where) and Compassion Desert. In all of these locations you'll want to use Peacemaking both for keeping the elementals from denting your face and for keeping undesireable monsters at bay. Avoid Slimes and Snakes in Despise and Scorpions in Shame and the Desert.

    Liches are another option if you have a good silver weapon and instrument. Use Peacemaking to keep them from frying your brains, and be sure to keep Greater Cure potions on you at all times.

    Where to Go from Here

    You Peacemaker will make a great first adventuring character and can serve many utility purposes for your other character's training.

    The Peacemaker is a great low-cost character that can reliably make gold with minimal investment in equipment and resources. Farming gold from elementals is easy, as are orcs and liches. Barbed leather can be found in abundance on Lizardmen and Ratmen. Feathers are plentiful as you can easily dominate the spawn in the Harpie Room.

    The Peacemaker's utility is excelent when supporting other characters. They're great for pulling spawn to your tamer or bard, for controlling the chaos at a champion spawn or just exploring the deep places of the world you'd normally shy away from due to the spawn.

    Hunting Locations

    Shame Earth Elementals are a breeze with this template class. I bought my first two houses from the gold and gems they drop.
    Shame Air Elementals also go down quickly and are easy to control, but can get out of hand if you're not careful. Just stick to the Earthies on level 1.
    Despise Earth Elementals can't keep up with you. You'll run out of spawn in no time. Stick to Shame.
    Cyclopian Warriors are easy to control but take a little bit to kill. Slower than elementals but still fun.
    Titains can be solo'ed with this template, but it's dangerous and time-consuming. Rather fun battles though.
    Ogre Lords can also be solo'ed, but is also dangerous and slow and are rather tedious. Wearing platemail instead of studded leather would reduce this danger though.
    Hyloth levels 1 and 2 are quite nice with this template. Hell hounds drop like flies and give very good gold drops for the effort. Orcs aren't a problem (as long as you keep the mages peaced). Daemons are a nice challenge and keep things spicy. The most dangerous things down here are gargoyles. Buggers just love to hit you with a nice explosion-poison-paralyze combo.
    With a silver weapon and instrument, liches are pussy-cats. Just be sure to keep Greater Cure potions on you.

    I am still looking for good hunting locations for my Peacemaker. I'll record my findings here. Suggestions are welcome.

    "Poor" Richard Saunders
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