Proposed New Rules for Champion Spawn Loot Splitting

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    This post is for members of guild UO.

    As our guild has grown and we are now doing champ spawns regularly, it's best to have a concrete system in place regarding the loot from champ spawns before it ever becomes an issue. This concerns the division of platinum coins, champion skulls, rares, and other loot.

    The proposed system is 'keep what you get'.

    Platinum coins - you keep what you get.
    Rares - you keep what you get.
    Gold/regs/gems - you keep what you get.
    Champion skulls - if the skull of greed you can keep it (our guild fund has enough already), all other champion skulls will go to the guild fund for spawning the harrower.

    What kinds of issues will this prevent?

    Scenario 1. Player A earns 15 platinum coins at a champ spawn. At the end of the event.. he/she only puts 8 platinum coins into the group bag, and pockets the other 7. Who will know if a player is being honest? The 'keep what you get' system removes this doubt. It also takes out the step of having everyone meet up after a long and tiring champ spawn to organize and split the loot.

    Scenario 2. Player A comes as a mage to a champ spawn, and player B comes with two tamers with a total of 4 dragons. Player B is probably going to contribute more towards the champ spawn completion, and earn more platinum coins as a consequence. The 'keep what you get' system provides an incentive for players to do their best to progress the champ spawn (by allowing people to keep the platinum they earn).

    Scenario 3. Player A does a champ spawn with the guild, gets a rare drop or statuette and keeps it to himself/herself. Later on does a public champion spawn with another guild, then later on sells the rare/statuette for profit while having claimed to have got it from the 2nd champ spawn. This could lead to doubts regarding the honesty of a guild member reporting that they got this item. The 'keep what you get' system will remove this temptation for dishonesty. It's also fair in the sense that every guild member attacking the boss has an equal chance of receiving this reward.

    Scenario 4. Sometimes guildmembers have to go afk for parts of a champion spawn and/or show up at the end of the spawn. Then we would have a problem of fairly dividing up the platinum coins to these people. The 'keep what you get system' more fairly handles these issues. You keep what platinum you are able to earn, and it removes any concern that a player hasn't 'earned' their reward by being afk or not participating enough.

    *A Noteworthy exception. For example, if Player A logs on and is invited to a champion spawn for the last few minutes, after the majority of the work has been done, and gets a rare or statuette, that person would be expected to announce it and allow the other participating guildmembers the opportunity to roll dice to see who gets to keep it. This is to encourage guildmembers to join the champ spawn at any time for the chance to participate and earn some platinum coins, without the situation occurring where a person only shows up to ebolt the champion boss and recall out with a very valuable rare.

    Scenario 5. When we include players from other guilds we are not currently counting on them to split any rewards they may get; nor when we join other guild's champion spawns. This 'keep what you get system' will just be an extension of this concept, because it would be too much trouble to ask every non-guildmember to divide up their loot for the above reasons discussed in scenarios 1-3.

    While some players may get more platinum at the end than others due to the randomness of the platinum coin rewards during the killing through the stages.. most players will still end up with at least the 4 platinum coins at the end from killing the boss. Any individual player will sometimes get more or less depending on their luck during any given spawn.

    Players who want to maximize their platinum earning potential can strive to make a tamer. We have many members in the guild who are willing to help out the others towards achieving grandmaster tamer status. Those guildmembers without tamers or without finished tamers can still participate and keep what platinum they may get, with the knowledge that they are also contributing towards harrowers which will yield many platinum coins if they participate.

    Overall, champion spawns are and will ever increasingly be a large aspect of our guild. I want this game to remain enjoyable for myself and everyone in my guild. Having a clear-cut system that encourages participation and removes opportunity for dishonesty, in my opinion, will best ensure that our guild continues to be happy and well functioning for the foreseeable future.

    I have already discussed this with some of our guildmembers. I have taken the time to post it here for clarity and provide a forum for feedback and any suggestions that might improve our experience while not being a hassle.

    If the overall general agreement is positive on this issue, we'll set it into stone as our current guild law for all future champion spawns.

    Related to this discussion, any non-guildmembers who are invited to participate in our guild champ spawns should do so with the understanding that if he or she gets the champion skull, that it will be immediately turned over to a guildmember of UO to be put towards the guild harrower fund. Any non-guildmembers not abiding by this request will be unwelcome from future guild champion spawns.


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    I like the simplicity and the "no bullshit possible"-attitude of this system, especially since champion spawns get people's tempers up all over the server. Plus I find it wise to implement a ruleset in need of a minimum of administration.
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