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Discussion in 'Era Discussion' started by Keza, Feb 25, 2020.

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    I had a blast bouncing around to various spawns, finding special trolls and Gamayun. I enjoyed the mobs' use of magery.

    One thing that may be worth considering -- and, to be totally clear, I'm ignorant of my suggestion's scope -- is having summoned minibosses as well as our current chance-to-spawn ones.
    So now, I kill a bunch of trolls and they might spawn a cave, mountain, or forest troll. And that fits a certain playstyle, such as mine. But not everyone is so keen.

    What if we had mobs from one other region or maybe several regions dropped 'parts' or reagents of some kind, and those played a part in a summoning ritual for a miniboss? It could help out the folks feeling/not enjoying the grind.

    When all of the items are collected, the player can then start the fight when they are ready instead of relying on chance. It lets them plan, maybe get some friends on board, maybe make an event of it. There could be a cooldown of sorts if need be (I understand that this is how the Christmas scrolls work?). I think that it'd fit a more calculated playstyle, where someone wants something more predictable to come from their time. It seems like it could scale up or down, either way.

    It could be as simple as placing a few items dropped by undead onto an altar in Brit GY, causing it to summon some weird flesh monstrosity.

    Perhaps the Ocllo sewers are clogged, and it takes a few special items from fire elementals or hellcats or something to unclog them by burning the gunk away Drain-O style... but this fix angers a stronger-than-usual giant toad living in the pipes.

    Or, it could scale up: maybe the Shrine of Honor has been fouled, and its purification can be started by bringing some items to it, which extract a miniboss of some sort -- maybe a disempowered balron. Maybe players get these purifying items by helping out NPC travelers, whether escorting them or rescuing them. They defeat the balron -- lo and behold, it's dropped a part for an even stronger miniboss somewhere else.

    All of this still does rely on a bit of chance: the mobs have to drop the necessary reagents for the ritual in question, so there is a farming component. But it's encouraging some travel for collection and completion, maybe even travel to less-frequented places. Or they could sell the parts to others.

    Just some thoughts, anyway. It'd be nice if any of these could be geared towards younger players.
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    A mechanic that I think it is also adicting is that miniboss drop a "key" or something that you need for an especific higher level Boss. Example, if you kill every miniboss of a kind or all of them, you can open a door to access to a bigger boss. Now that I think, it is similar to champ mechanics with skulls to access harrower.

    All good ideas, the random mini/boss spawn is great to for newish players.
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    If the volunteers want to design a dungeon, that would be great. It's been (several) years now since the idea of a dungeon built for non-tamers was first floated, but there appears to be an increasingly dramatic spike in staff activity now so maybe that which previously seemed impossible might be moving towards possible. I can't believe I'm saying that.

    Some of the ways this could be done were, as you implied, mobs that are entirely or almost entirely resistant against tames. Another would be to simply disallow the entry of tamed creatures entirely (which would also meet some demands for mount-free gameplay).

    While we're discussing such extreme things, I think there would be some interest (at least in theory) in a magery-free dungeon as well. In a perfect world the magery-free dungeon and the tame-free dungeon would be separate, but, combining them would probably be acceptable for players with an interest in these playstyles as well.

    I think to make the idea of a magery-free dungeon work, what you'd want to do is have multiple entry and exit points to prevent all the PKs from massing at the main entrance and give people a chance to exit if they're being pursued, since recall wouldn't work.

    Like, say, a teleporter next to each shrine that corresponds to a certain spot in the dungeon. The Level 1 teleporters would all work both ways. Level 2 would have two entrances (so that people couldn't skip Level 1 without taking the risk that they won't like what they find) and one exit. Level 3 just two exits, and Level 4 you could only get to by fighting through Level 3.

    Maybe the "exit-only" shrines would allow entry but would lead to a random entry point (not their own exits), to prevent people from jumping in to deep within the dungeon.

    I used a map of Deceit as an example:


    Alternatively you could just put tame/magic-resistant mobs in t2a.
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    Man, there are so many good ideas here. Personally, I think a combination of many of these ideas could greatly improve the entire atmosphere here.

    I love the idea of any mob spawn spawning the mini boss instead of just one or two locations. This just makes so much sense. It would reduce camping, provide multiple sources to farm, and even give the reds multiple locations to check. Variety.

    I love the idea of collecting items to summon a boss. I definitely agree that at this point in life, relying on RNG to spawn bosses isnt viable much of the time. We arent the teenagers we once were, playing this game every spare minute of life outside school. Having the ability to spawn bosses based on an item collection, or keys, or whatever, would be awesome.

    Love the idea of bosses that make those useless slayers useful.

    A combination of all of these ideas would make SUCH a difference here imo.
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    I mean its what camp you are on. Less instanced trammel areas to farm or more.

    Having bosses with the chance to spawn from treasure chests does a couple things.

    One, it makes these bosses spawn in an almost pk free zone since tracking 200 map spots would be near impossible.

    The second is players starting out that don't have the setups/friends etc aren't going to be able to kill these. So you dig up a level 5/6 and spawn 2 bosses cant do it and bail, Then after chest despawns someone comes to dig up there level 1 map and is greeted by a POD and elder wurm….

    I can see the aspect of creating spawns that require you to interact with the community and generate friendships to kill monsters, but the half cup guy in me sees the chance of spawning bosses creating bigger gaps in actually interacting with players out in the world. Most farming spots are relatively empty as is and I just think that would make dungeons even more devoid minus champs.

    I get gold is whatever, but interacting with players in a risk/reward scenario is what made/makes this game playable after 20 years.
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    List of Bosses
    1. Scorpion boss over-world and champs
    2. Giant rat boss over-world and champs
    3. Ice fiend boss
    4. Demon boss over-world and champs
    5. hell hound/cat boss
    6. shadow wyrm boss
    7. grave yard bosses
    8. npc bosses (brigands, mages, etc)
    9. bosses for some of the tamer quest animals

    List of changes
    1. The east side of ice in T2A having normal ice mobs (like arctic wolf and polar bear) that are more powerful (loot matches difficulty).
    2. Change up Kaldun dungeon so it used more than just the ancient lich.
    3. current bosses (like obsidian gargoyle, jungle titan, and lock lake monster) spawn over-world

    1. the opposite of bosses. a small chance that a rare weaker version of a monster spawns. (maybe tamable depending on what it is applied to)
    2. enable boss spawns for the mobs that spawn from maps.
    3. using reagents (ones that arn't normally used like batwings) to summon a boss, different combinations give different bosses (have a chance to fizzle like a spell and more reagents spawns a stronger boss). all bosses drop 1 to some number of reagents when killed depending on difficulty. using all spawns a instance or a boss worthy of a whole guilds attention.
    4. people are wanting a non tamer dungeon; a dungeon with monsters that do decreased damage to players and pets lose skill versus gain it while there (faster than it goes up).
    5. Spawning islands, like NPC camps on land but with a small island at sea (the island cant be marked on).
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    Spawned from ratmen because bats are "rats with wings".
    Needless to say, batman will have a badass looking CAPE , a badass looking MASK, and most important of all, a badass looking RIDE.

    ps. i should get a trophy for this badass idea
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    The Original UOAM that came with the UOR client had all the camp locations in it. Things have been added since then, but they were all there. Jupiter and I marked those locations and put them in the Yew Fortress Library of KoS's a few years back.
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    While this project is a bit delayed, I went ahead and did a quick video to document current boss locations. Should be useful for any newer players looking to get pec meat for their first pets.

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