PvP University: mIRC Instructions

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    In this lesson I will cover how to use the most popular program to connect to an IRC server and basic commands you can use. IRC is a great way to stay connected to other players, communicate with your guildmates, and ask for help about in game questions.


    Please download the mIRC program from either of these two links:

    Once you have installed the program and ran it you will be annoyed with a popup detailing your free-trial. If you extend your free-trial period you will just get an annoying delay asking you to register then it will still let you access the program. You can find a coupon code online if you wish to register the program for $10.

    Please read this guide for details on how to use mIRC

    Once you are in the IRC server please join the #PVPU channel as this is the guild's IRC room. If you are online and participating in guild activities you will be expected to be in IRC.

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