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    This lesson will discuss stats for your PvP template. At this point you should be familiar with the classes known at Pure Mages, Tank Mages, & Melee Warriors. If not then please click this link before continuing...http://uorforum.com/threads/pvp-university-pvp-templates.6307/#post-48467

    Statistics (Stats)

    • Strength (str): Determines Max Health. Max Health = 50 + ( strength / 2 ). Strength also grants a bonus to weapon damage. Str *(.2) = %bonus to combat effectiveness. Strength also determines how much weight your character can carry. Each 1 strength is 3.5 more stones carrying capacity.
    • Dexterity (dex): Determines Max Stamina. Current stamina determines bonus to attack speed: Swing Latency = 15000 / {[STAM+100] * WepSpeed}. Stamina also impacts the time it takes to use a bandage.
    • Intelligence (int): Determines max mana and is a factor in some spell damage formulas. Each 1 intelligence grants 1 additional maximum mana.
    • Stat Cap: Each stat has a limit of 100. Your combined total may not exceed 225.
    So by now you're thinking, I'll be a pure mage who has no need for dexterity since I use no weapon and I will choose 100 str, 100 int, 25 dex to total out the cap at 225. Well before you do that it is extremely important to understand the spell Mind Blast and what effect it has on you based on your stats. Mind Blast is a spell that does damage based on your highest and lowest stat as shown:

    The damage formula for Mind Blast is [(Highest Stat - Lowest Stat)/2 not to exceed 40]. So if you have 100 str, 100 int, and 25 dex the formula filled in looks like this;
    • [(100 str - 25 dex) / 2] = 37.5 points of damage
    • (100 str - 25 dex) = 75
    • [75 / 2] = 37.5
    To expand even further it is important to understand that Mind Blast calculates the damage to be dealt by using your current stats. So if an opponent were to cast clumsy on you first then attack with Mind Blast it would do even more damage. Let's assume that after you have been hit with clumsy your dex is 14. Using the same formula above with this new variable we will see that the damaged would hit the cap of 40 points. This is a 5th Circle spell that requires only 14 mana to cast and has the potential to do 40 points of damage, or nearly half of your life! Consider the implications this spell can have on your character and the stat choices you make! Mind Blast is the only spell that's damage is directly calculated by your total stats.

    The most common stats for PvP Mages and Tank Mages are:
    • 90 Strength
    • 90 Intelligence
    • 45 Dexterity
    This gives you a more balanced set of stats versus Mind Blast that is buffable to over 100 in priority stats. It will also gives enough stamina to use Stun Punch if the template allows for it without sending the character into a walking mode immediately.

    The most common stats for PvP Melee Classes are
    • 90 Strength
    • 95 Dexterity
    • 40 Intelligence
    This gives the warrior a better balances set of stats versus mindblast that is buffable to over 100 in priority stats. It will also give enough mana to cast some minor spells like cure, heal, buffs, and recall.

    There are no perfect stats to have that give you the best bonuses and protect you from Mind Blast at the same time. Use the calculations above to determine how much health you will have, how fast you will swing, how your mana regen will be affected, and what kind of damage can be dealt with Mind Blast when you are trying to decide on your final stats. It is important that you should be able to have 100 or greater in your two primary stats for your template after buff spells such as Strength, Cunning, & Agility or Bless. Intelligence affects your mana regeneration rate passively so the higher the intelligence you can have the more mana you will have at your disposal faster. Buffing your strength will give you more health and buffing dexterity will allow you to swing at a faster rate.You should always try to keep your stats buffed using magic or potions, and be aware of what debuffs have been cast upon you so that you can negate them. We will discuss buffs and debuffs in PvP in another lesson.

    Some information for this lesson was used from the UO:R guide produced by Bashoosh found here http://uorforum.com/threads/one-guide-to-rule-them-all-one-guide-to-find-them.682/
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