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    Hey all.

    So now that I am back after needing to be gone for about a month. And now that some PS internal issues have been taken care of, I am excited to let people know that we will be opening up recruitment into PS again.

    The process is this:

    1. Go to our Mission Statement link. Read it, understand and agree with it, then sign your name to it by responding to the thread (just look how others have done). We keep everyone accountable to this agreement and we, the leadership and council, take it seriously.

    2. Send me, Krake, a private message explaining that you wanna join up with PS and I will respond with some standard questions. I like to get to know everyone who wants to join up and make that connection right away.

    3. Make sure to hang out in #PS and get to know folks in there. Anyone with a + by their name is in the guild proper. If your application goes thru, you will get access to our private channel as well.

    ---- please allow a few days for me to get back to you and for your to get on the stone it self. We are all adults and real life comes first, so be patient! Thanks!

    Looking forward to hearing from some new people who wanna be part of the community. Cheers.

    ~Krake Vestahl, Guildmaster of Project Sanctuary.
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    I now link here in my sig.
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