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    The Combat Log Book
    January 13th 2013​

    Continuing on our path to History Perfected in this blog post we will review the new combat log book created to allow players to test various builds and combat mechanics.

    Notice: Currently this item is found on test center at the britain west bank.
    This item will be evaluated and eventually added to the live server, but for now it is available to all players on our test server. - Port 2597

    To use the book place it in your pack and double click it. Once you have your character and target ready for testing, click on the start button. After some testing double click the book again to see the results.

    The left side of the book details information about the last hit or miss, and the right side of the book will show you information over time, and some general information about the weapon used.

    Left Side
    • Header: This will show you if the last swing was a Hit or a Miss
    • Combat Ability: This is percentage based on your Tactics and Anatomy skills, along with your strength.
    • Bonus Damage: This is the bonus damage applied based on the weapons damage level, and the lumber jacking skill(if applicable)
    • Chance to Hit: This is your chance to hit the target based on the targets defensive skill, and the attackers attack skill.
      Note: For archers this will be determined by the targets defensive skill, the range to the target, and whether or not you were recently moving.
    • Range to Target: This shows the range to the target and in the case of archery, an "M" indicator will show if your last shot was a moving shot.
    • Hit Location: The location on the target where the hit was placed. This determines the armor level and damage absorption.
    • Targets Defense: The targets adjusted defense in which the chance to hit is determined. (This is primarily used by the staff for debugging)
    • Targets Armor: This is the armor level of the target in case of a monster, and the piece of armor in the case of a player or humanoid target.
    • Absorbed-Armor: The amount of total damage absorbed by the armor, based on the hit location.
    • Absorbed-Shield: The amount of total damage absorbed by the shield, in the event of a successful parry.
    • Final Damage: The final damage applied to the target for this attack.
      Note: Keep in mind this can be affected by the durability of the weapon and rounding in the event of fractions in the calculation process.

    Right Side
    • Weapon Type: The general type of the weapon used in the most recent attack.
    • Base Damage: The raw base damage of the weapon as indicated by OSI.
    • Average Roll: The average unmodified damage dice roll.
    • Roll Range: The range of unmodified damage dice rolls.
      Note: Counts all attack attempts.
    • Average Final: The average of the final damage applied to the target during this testing run.
    • Final Range: The range of final damage applied to the target.
      Note: Only counting hits, keep in mind this factors in armor and shield absorption and the durability of the weapon and armor.
    • Hit%: An analysis of the attacks made during the testing period showing hits/total attempts and your actual hit percentage.
    • DPM: The damage per minute of this combat test.
      Note: This is calculated by using the time of the first attack and the time of the last attack during testing. So regardless of when you open the book after testing, the results will be accurate.
    • Total Damage: The total damage applied to the target during the test.
    • Timeframe: The Duration of the test.

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    Thanks again for another wonderful addition to UOR. This will come in quite handy with testing and deciding on character builds, as well as many other things.
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    This is probably my favorite addition to date... And that's saying something taking into consideration the fortress and large keep. You guys rule. Seriously.
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    Awesome work on the combat log book and other combat related changes. I've test PvM with every weapon type at 100/75/50 all skills and happy with output and consistency. Tested some Archery vs other Melee PvP and was happy with the balance there. Next time I get time to jump on test I intend to test archery and axer vs mage as well as some tank mage testing. Great work!

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