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    Perfecting the Stone Keep
    June 22th 2012​

    On our quest to perfect the Renaissance era of Ultima Online we realized that several classic houses were in desperate need of a few changes. As longtime players we could never understand why stone keeps had so much wasted space. To address this we have created a "large stone keep deed".

    By removing two of the empty wells on the east and west sides of the keep we are able to establish more of a great room feel in the keep. Most significantly we are able to convert the back well into a private courtyard for the keep owner.

    Next we extended the wall in the northwest corner of the keep to match the stairs and added a keyed doorway giving easy access to the new courtyard. On the second floor of the keep we added additional keyed doors. We believe this greatly improves the functionality and enjoyment level of a keep while staying true to the original design.

    The standard keep deed will be the classic price of 665k, while the new large stone keep will go for 798k. The large stone keep will also receive additional lockdowns and secure containers.

    To learn more about housing on Renaissance please check out our Housing Guide in the forums.

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    lots of work, great results


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