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    Quick Guide Navigation

    What is Razor?

    • Created by Bryan Pass; Zippy to those on the RunUO network, Razor is the ultimate utility tool to be used in conjunction with Ultima Online. Using a C++ Dynamic Link Library, Razor works with your client to provide you with information and shortcuts. Using Microsoft's net framework, Razor can be used not only on RunUO shards, but also on Sphere, POL, UOX and other emulators.

      Those players familiar with UOAssist will be impressed with the added features of Razor - filters, more options for personal preferences, more macro space, etc. Shard hosts can allow their players to use the program without fear of modification like there is with injection. In simple terms, if you play Ultima Online, you want this program.

    Where can I get Razor?

    • Razor is included in the UO:Renaissance Installer.
      To open the downloads page click here.
      To download the UO:R version of razor click here.

    Using Razor

    • Razor is installed, so now what? Although there are different methods to connect to player-run shards, all that is needed is Razor.
      Open Razor and the first thing you see is the splash page shown at the top of this page. Once Razor has loaded, it will continue on to the following screen:

      Make sure your screen looks similar to the picture below. It is important to select your UO Data directory and verify the server name and port shown.


      If Razor will not detect the client, or you have placed it in a location other than default, click the browse button and direct to the client location.

      If you are playing a non-OSI shard, check the patch client encryption tab (if it's not already checked).
      If you are playing an OSI shard, uncheck this box and use the one below, Use OSI Encryption

      Once these settings are complete, click the Make These Settings Default tab to prevent having to reset them each time.

      The server information is next. This is where you will direct Razor to the server you want to play.
      The Renaissance server should be selected by default. If it is not enter in either the login server or the IP address. Make sure to set the port to 2593

      Razor is multi-lingual. English is default. For other languages, click the Language tab and choose from the list.

      On the bottom right is a checkbox for this welcome screen. Be sure to leave it checked if Razor is your method of login.

      Finally, we have the login and quit tab. Click login to start your client. Your client will start and you can login as normal. Razor supports multi-clienting and can be brought up for each character you have logged in, to the maximum of your pc's limitations. Quit will close the Razor program

    Razor In-Game

    • Once you have logged in you will see the razor screen change to the following.
      Click the links at the top of this page for an explanation on each Razor tab and its functions.


      Razor also provides some in-game commands. They are used in the format -[command].
      • AddUseOnce - gives a target. Target the item to add to the Use Once list.
      • Ping - Find your ping.
      • ReNice [Level] - The same as ReduceCPU. Use with one of the following level settings: idle, belownormal, normal, abovenormal, high, realtime. For example, -ReNice idle or -ReNice realtime
      • GetSerial - Get information on the RPV you are viewing to verify authenticity.
      • Help - See the list of Razor in-game commands.
      • Echo - Useful for leaving a note to yourself when macroing, etc.
      • ReduceCPU - The same as ReNice. Use with one of the following level settings: idle, belownormal, normal, abovenormal, high, realtime. For example, -ReduceCPU idle or -ReduceCPU realtime
      • RPVInfo - Get information on the RPV you are viewing to verify authenticity.
      • Setup-t/Disable-t - Use '-setup-t' to enable a translation plugin. '-disable-t' will toggle it off.
      • Where - gives you the coordinates of your character.
      • Time - The time
      • Macro [name] - Use to run a macro in game. Use this format with the name of the macro. For example, I can run my macro titled 'makeleatherarmor' by typing -macro makeleatherarmor

    Note: Credit to Tessa's Cove for her extensive details on razor that were used to help create this guide.
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    General Tab

    The General Tab

    The General tab holds a small selection of Razor options. The left side holds a filters list for in-game play.

    Show Welcome Screen (affects all users)- If you use Razor for logging in, you want this option checked.

    Use smart CPU reduction - Check this to allow razor to modify the client for less CPU usage. Do Not Use! This causes issues when multi clienting

    Use Smart Always on Top Razor and the UOPS will stay on top of the UO window, and hide when you switch to other windows. This is a handy option when setting macros, using agents or the UOPS and is highly recommended.

    Show in: Taskbar - System Tray - Where do you want Razor to be displayed.

    Default Client Priority - Change Razor's priority in your computers processor; the higher the priority the more the processor focuses on it. It is not recommended you make changes to this with smart target enabled. The two do not dance well together.

    Language - Choose language preferance

    Profiles - Are often overlooked. Make a new profile for each character. It will be easier to customize each one according to its template. Once you have logged a character in and out successfully with its profile, Razor will remember for subsequent logins.

    Opacity - The degree of transparency for Razor

    Filters - Filters change the way your client appears to you. The light level filter will set the light level to daytime and keep it there. There are a number of everyday sounds in uo that can be annoying like animal and backpack sound. Use filters to remove some of them. The death screen filter will stop the pause in play caused by the 'You are dead' screen when you die. Staff members can block out staff-only visible items.

    Open UO Positioning System (UOPS) - This is a small tracking system within Razor.
    Clicking the tab will open the following gump on your screen.


    To remove the title bar, double click the gump. The gump will show where your character is on the map, with the exact coordinates in the top left corner. Players partied with you will also appear if they are within the map area.
    To locate other party members, right-click the UOPS. A list of all party members, including yourself will show. Choose any name to locate them, the map moving to their location. To return to yourself, choose your name from the list.
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    Options Tab

    The Options Tab

    The Options tab is where you makes changes to speech and text, along with a few other select options.

    Search Exemption Hue - Used in conjunction with the AutoSearchExemption feature on the agents tab. Containers and/or container types added to this agent will appear the Search Exemption Hue while in your backpack. Click the set tab to the right to change the color.
    Note the color of the item does not actually change. When removed from your backpack it will return to the original color.

    Razor Message Hue - Razor messages sent to your client will be this color. Click the set tab to change the color.

    Warning Message Hue - Razor messages sent to your client specifically to warn you of something, like low reagents, will be this color. Click the set tab to change the color.

    Override Speech Hue - Check this box to force all speech on your screen to be one color. Click the set tab to select the color.

    Last Target Highlight - When checked, the last target will highlight the selected color. Click the set tab to select the highlight hue.

    Override Spell Hues - Like speech, checking this box allows you to select the color for spell text, both words of power or spell names. Colors may be selected for beneficial, harmful, and neutral spells.

    Spell Format - This field determines how you view spells being cast. {power} will show words of power on your screen. These are the actual spell words. {name} or {spell} will show the spell name.
    Some examples using recall:
    • {power} {spell} will give you Kal Ort Por Recall
      To break it up we add brackets:
    • {power} [{spell}] will give you Kal Ort Por [Recall]
    • {power} will show Kal Ort Por
    • {spell} or {name} will show Recall

    Use Pre-AOS status window - The default status window is from AOS (below, left).
    Check this box to change to the Pre-AOS window(below, right).
    You will need to close, then re-open your status bar in-game for the change to take effect.


    Queue LastTarget and TargetSelf - To be used with Last Target and/or Target Self hotkeys. When this option is selected, lasttarget and targetself commands will be placed in queue until they can be executed. For example, you cast a spell and hit the lasttarget hotkey too soon. The moment the target is up, the last target function will be executed. A hotkey can be set to clear the queue when needed.

    Block Dismount in War Mode - Normally when you dbl click yourself, you will dismount from any ride you may be on. This selection will block the dismount while you are in war mode, preventing accidental dismount.

    Auto-Stack Ore/Fish/Logs at Feet - Check the box to have these items stack at your feet as they appear in your backpack. Useful for gathering resources.

    Open new corpses within _ tiles - This option automatically opens new corpses within the selected number of tiles, limited to game ability. Use caution, this function does not differentiate between a blue, grey, or red corpse.

    Filter repeating system messages - This option condenses those pesky system messages like "you are already performing another action.". When the message is repeated, razor will show the message only once with the number of times it was sent in brackets.

    Filter Snooping Messages - Filters out the spam messages when someone nearby is snooping.

    Show Names of Incoming People/Creatures - Shows the names of players and creatures as they enter your screen. If the same option is picked in your in-game options, you will see the names in duplicate. I suggest using one or the other.

    Show Names of New/Incoming Corpses - As above, but with corpses.

    Negotiate features with server - Keep this box checked. This allows Razor to communicate with the server. When this box is not checked, Razor will fail to respond to a negotiation packet and you will subsequently be disconnected from the server you are connected to.
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    More Options Tab

    The More Options Tab

    The More Options tab continues on where the options tab left off.

    Show Action-Queue status messages - A toggle to turn off/on messages about actions being queued. Unchecking this option will still allow some important messages to come through.

    Auto-Queue Object Delay actions - Check this so Razor will automatically queue double-clicks. Prevents the message "You must wait to perform another action".
    This is an important setting for a well-run macro. The object delay field below should reflect your specific connection. Set the object delay at your average ping to the server + 500 (approx).

    Use smart last target - When this box is checked, Razor will use beneficial and harmful spells according to your previous actions. For example, in battle if you cast Energy Bolt(harmful spell) at an enemy and Greater Heal(beneficial spell) at a friend, Razor will remember the last targets for each spell type. The next time you cast a harmful spell with last target, Razor will target the enemy even if you just cast GH on your friend with last target.

    Range check Last Target: __ tiles - This option will have Razor check that last target is within range. If it's not, Razor sends a warning message and your target is not cancelled out. Last Target can be selected totry again without having to bring the cursor up a second time.
    Select the number of tiles, within game allowances.

    Show target flag on single click - Select to display a text flag over last targets; to be used with Smart Target option. Flags show as [Current Target], [Beneficial Target], or [Harmful Target].

    Show health above people/creatures - Check this option to show changes in player's health with a text percentage over their heads. The numbers will show in blue - green at 100%, to yellow at 50%, to purple - red at 0%.
    Health Format - [{0%}] or [NN%]

    Show mana/stam above party members - As above, but mana and stamina.
    Due to shortage of space, this format must be edited from PartyStatFmt" value in your profile.xml file.

    Razor messages: - Choose from the drop down menu. This affects razor messages only.

    Remember passwords - Using this option will save your passwords in your Profile.xml file. When logging in the saved password will be entered for you although the field will remain blank on your screen. Important note: anyone obtaining a copy of your Profile.xml maybe be able to decrypt your password and log into your account.

    Treat party members as 'Friends' - Select this box to have Razor treat those in your party like they are on your 'Friends' list (see the agents tab for more information on 'Friends').

    Count stealth steps - Keeps track of steps taken while hidden, displaying the number on the bottom left of your screen.

    Always show stealth steps - Used in conjunction with counting steps, check this box if you enable filtering of multiple Razor messages. This will override the filter to display the stealth step counter.

    Automatically open doors - Opens a door every time you walk up to, or turn to face, the door.

    Auto Unequip hands before casting - Removes weapons from your hands automatically when you cast a spell, delaying the spell until it can be cast.

    Auto Un/Re-equip hands for potions - The same as above but for using potions. Once the potion is used, the item is returned to your hand.

    Block heal if target is poisoned - Prevents the cast of a wasted heal on a posioned target.

    Force Game Size - Set your game window to the size you want. Once you have entered the size, it needs to be applied. Open options in-game (alt+o or use the tab from the paperdioll) and click apply. The game window size will be applied and remembered.

    Enable packet logging - If you do not know what this is, Do Not check this box. This option will have Razor save all information regarding packets to the Packets.log file. A useful tool for programmers who know what to do with it.
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    Display / Counters Tab

    The Display / Counters Tab

    The Display tab is for title bar display options, and counter setup.

    • Counters - Counters are used to keep track of specific items for you. The most commonly used would be for reagents. Counters are not limited to resources however, they can be used for anything.
      • Counters Table - This table comes default with a list of all reagents, bolts, arrows, bandaids, heal and cure potions. Check the box beside each item you want as a counter. The last column shows the total number on your character.
      • Add - Adding a counter is relatively easy. Click the add tab beneath the Counters table. The following gump is provided for you.


        - Click 'Target' and target the item to add. The Item ID and Color fields will be filled in for you.
        - The Name (of the item) is the name as you see it when you click the item.
        - The Format is the letter code you want to use. For example, the default for black pearl is bp.
        - Click okay once all fields are entered.
        - Display image in title bar - when checked, the display for this item will show as a picture rather than the selected abbreviation. For example when used with black pearl, the title bar displays a small black pearl beside the count rather than the abbrev. bp.

        In the following counter entry, I added skillets to my counter while training cooking. The Target tab provided the Item ID and color information. I entered skillet and chose sk as the abbreviation for it.


        Once the counter has been added, find it in the counter list and check the box beside it to enable it.
        Finally, if you want it to be displayed on the UO Title bar, the format abbrev. needs to be added to the Title Bar entry field (see below).
      • Del/Edit - Is used to remove counters you do not want, or to edit format abbrev. It shows identical to the above gump with the addition of a Delete tab between Cancel and Target. If you want the Title bar to show the counter abbreviation instead of the item picture, uncheck the option.
      • Recount - Recount will re-check all containers on your character and correct the counts. There is a hotkey setting for this option - see hotkeys.
    • Auto search new containers - Used for counters. Razor will search all containers as they enter your character backpack and adjust the counts.
    • Never auto-search pouches - Used in conjunction with auto-search. This will stop Razor from checking pouches and setting off the locked ones.
    • Title Bar Display - I love this feature. Zippy did a super job on it. Although simple to use, it's a feature you will use constantly as you play. If you've never used this feature, you won't know how you did without it.
      By entering different abbreviations in the proper format in this field, you can display a wealth of information on your title bar. Most common are stat and reagent counters, but the display is not limited to this alone. Each item displayed is shown by placing the correct abbrev in { }. Spaces, dashes, and other text will appear as you type it, in the order it is listed in the Title bar entry field. The following abbrev can be used for display.
      • {char} - Character name
      • {shard} - Shard name
      • {str}/{hp}/{hpmax} - Health status displays. This will show strength and hitpoint information as 90/90/90 (for example). Any variation on these can be used. In the example below I am using {hp}/{hpmax}. If all you wanted was the total you are at, already knowing your max, you would enter {hp}.
      • {dex}/{stam}/{stammax} - Dex status displays. Use your personal variation the same as health displays.
      • {int}/{mana}/{manamax} - Int status displays. Use your personal variation the same as health displays.
      • {weight}/{maxweight} - Weight information. Again, if you wanted only your current weight you would drop the {maxweight} and only use {weight}.
      • {gold} - Total Gold on character. You cannot display bank totals.
      • {ar} - Armor Rating
      • {tithe} - Tithing points
      • {bandage} - Bandage Timer -counts the time since you began healing, to be used with the Bandage Self Macro
      • {statbar},{mediumstatbar},{largestatbar} - Status bars of varying lengths. Choose one of the three to suit your needs.
      • {CrimTime} - Displays the number of seconds since you became criminal.
      • {stealthsteps} - Stealth steps counter
      • Color - Used to color Title Bar text in any color you want, using an HTML style 6 digit hex number. Use the code in the following manner: HTML hex color code: '~#rrggbb' ('~#~' to terminate)
        For the purpose of example, I want to change the color of my hp display to orange.
        I would use the following code to do so: ~#FF6600 {hp}/{hpmax} ~#~
        The '~#FF6600' tells Razor to color everything between it and the '~#~' to an orange color, the color orange selected by the six digits, FF6600. The '~#~' tells Razor to stop coloring. If you need to know the color codes for this function, try this page.
      • Counters list abbreviation - The format of any enabled counter is the counter abbreviation in { }.
        For example, black pearl is {bp}, spiders silk is {ss}.
      • Your title display will remember spaces you add and other separating text like - or * , so you are able to customize it however suits you best.
      • The following entry in the title bar field gives me the above display:
        UO:R - {char} - {crimtime} {weight}/{maxweight} - ~#FF0000 {hp}/{hpmax} ~#~ - ~#FE2EF7 {stam}/{stammax}~#~ - ~#0080FF {mana}/{manamax} ~#~ {bp} {bm} {gl} {gs} {mr} {ns} {ss} {sa} Gold: {gold}
        I have added "-" before and after the {char} for appearance. I added the text "Gold" before the gold abbrev.
    • Show this in the UO title bar: - Check this to have the information you entered show up.
    • Highlight Spell Reagents on Cast - Provides a red background highlight on the UO Title bar over reagents used when casting a spell.
    • Show noto hue on {char} in TitleBar - When enabled, the name of your character on the Title bar will show in the same color as it will when you are clicked in the game.
    • Show Images with Counters - Check this to show counter images instead of abbreviations. Each counter can be modified individually from the counter table with the edit tab to disable this.
    • Warn when a counter is below" __ - provides a Razor warning message in red whenever a counter item drops below the specified amount.
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    Arm / Dress Tab

    The Arm/ Dress Tab

    The Arm/Dress tab is for setting clothes, armor and weapons for use. These settings are used with hotkeys.

    • Arm/Dress Selection - In this entry field you create named lists to Arm/Dress. Each list entry may consist of an entire outfit, or one item only. Multiple lists may be made. Hot keys can be set to activate each list created.
      For example, I can make one list for leather armor, another for clothing outfits I like to wear, and still others for each weapon I prefer to use. By linking hotkeys to these lists, it now takes only seconds to redress in a leather suit, redress in clothes after death, or equip/switch weapons for battle.
      • Add - Click this tab to begin. Enter the name for the list and click 'Okay'.
      • Remove - Use to remove groups no longer used or needed. Highlight the group to be deleted and click 'Remove'.
    • Automatically move conflicting items - Check this box so Razor can dress you properly. This allows items to be removed when neccesary. For example, you are equiped with a halberd and hit your hotkey to equip a war axe. With this box checked, Razor can un-equip the halberd to equip the war axe. This will apply to all lists and hotkeys.
    • Arm/Dress Items - This is where you define the items for each list created. Highlight a list from the left and use the following tabs to set it up. Any entries can be right-clicked for conversion to 'Dress by Type'.
      'Dress by type' will tell Razor to look for any item of that type to use, not only the specific item used to set the list. This is most useful for weapons.
      • Dress - Highlight a list from the left and click this tab to dress in the items from that list.
      • Undress - Highlight a list from the left and click this tab to undress the items from that list.
      • Add (Target) - Click this tab to add items to a list.
        You will get a targeting cursor to target the item to be added.
      • Add Current - Adds everything currently being worn to the highlighted list.
      • Remove - Highlight an item and click 'Remove' to delete an item from the list.
      • Clear List - Clear the current list.
      • Change Undress Bag - Gives a targeting cursor. Target the bag you want to undress to.
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    Skills Tab

    The Skills Tab

    The Skills tab displays statistics about your skills.

    Skill Table - This table lists all skills and your current status of each one.
    • Skill Name - Every skill is listed.
    • Value - This is your skill level before stat modifiers are applied.
    • Base - Your skill level with stat modifiers applied. Also known as the 'show real' skill level.
    • Use these numbers when calculating skill caps.
    • +/- - This column shows any change in skill level since you logged in, or used the reset button.
    • Cap - The skill cap for each skill.
    • Lock - The lock setting for each skill. 'D' for down, 'U' for up, and 'L' for a locked skill.

    Reset +/- - Resets all +/- column entries in the skill table to 0.0

    Set all locks: - Set the locks for all skills according to your selection from the drop-down tab.

    Copy Selected - Copies the skill information from the selected skills to the clipboard. Click a skill to highlight it. For multiple skill selection, hold the control key and click all skills to be copied.

    Copy All - As above, all skills are automatically selected with this tab.

    Display Changes - When checked, Razor will inform you of each skill level change, the change amount and the total change since the last +/- reset.

    Base Total - Displays your character's total base skill level.
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    Agents Tab

    The Agents Tab

    The Agents tab is for organizing, restocking and moving items.

    • Use Once Agent
      Set items in your backpack to be used at the touch of a key. Once the item is used, it is removed from the list. Very handy for trapped pouches. Add all your trapped pouches to the list and use them on the run. The list will remove each one as it's popped, and warn you when your list is empty.
      • Add (Target) - use this option to add items, one at a time.
      • Add Container (Target) - use this option to add the contents of an entire bag. Open the bag before targetting so Razor can 'see' the contents. This is the best option for adding multiple trapped pouches. Keep them inside another bag and add the bag.
      • Remove (Target) - remove items from the list. This option gives a cursor target. Target the item to be removed.
      • Clear List - clears all items from the list.

    • Sell Agent
      Items on this list sell automatically to vendors when you begin a sale transaction (you must still be at the appropiate vendor). Choose how many to sell each time; a great tool for BOD collection. The listing is done by item type, not item ID. If you have a magic longsword and a player-made longsword in your pack, adding longsword would result in both being sold. If you add plate armor to the list, the agent will attempt to sell all plate armor, colored or not, magic or not. The list can be disable without being cleared.
      • Add (Target) - Click for a targeting cursor, target the item to add.
      • Remove - Highlight an item in the list and click remove to delete it.
      • Set Hot Bag - Razor will attempt to sell all items in a specified bag.
      • Clear - Clear the list
      • Max Sell: - Select how many of each item to sell. Each item must be sold to the appropiate vendor. The vendor must have sufficient gold to buy the item. When you are selling you may note a discrepancy between the razor messages, gold received and the vendor replies. Razor will try to sell all items that can be sold to the vendor you are at, and the total it gives is for all those items combined. If the vendor cannot purchase all the items, the amount actually received will be less the the total stated by Razor. This does not mean you have been ripped off, only that the vendor couldn't buy everything. Continue on to the next vendor of the same type to continue selling.
      • (Push to Disable/Enable) - Turn the sell agent on or off.

    • Organizer Agents
      This agent is used to move items from one container to another. For example, if I purchase 20 mortar and pestle for my alchemist, I can easily bag them all without having to click and drag each one individually. If I click 20 potions from kegs and want them in my pvp supply bag, it can be done quickly without accidently using one, without all the click and drag. There are 10 different organizers so there is room to set and keep frequently used lists. Hot keys will allow you to use the organizer and reset the target bag organized to.
      • Add (Target) - use this option to add items.
      • Set Hot Bag - Set the hot bag to organize the items to. When it is already set, the tab changes to say 'Clear Hot Bag'. Both give a targeting cursor.
      • Organize Now - Once everything is set, click this tab to activate the organizer.
      • Remove - Highlight an item and click this tab to remove the item from the list.
      • Clear - Clear the organizer; it can now be reset.
      • Stop Now - Stops the organizer mid-process.

    • Scavenger Agent
      This agent is for setting bags to ignore during resource counts. By using this agent, containers can be added that do not need searching. This works great for trapped pouches, stopping Razor from searching them, and setting off the traps. If you carry many bags within bags that never need searching, this feature may interest you as well.
      • Add (Target) - Use this tab to add one container to the list. This will apply to the selected container only, not to the container type.
      • Add Type (Target) - Use this tab to add a container type to the list. For example, pouches. This selection will apply to all containers of the same type targeted.
      • Remove - Highlight an item and click this tab to remove it from the list.
      • Remove (Target) - Use this tab to remove individual items from the list with a cursor. This option cannot be used to remove container groups.
      • Clear List - Clear the entire use once list.

    • Buy Agent
      The buy agent is for setting lists of items to buy at vendors. Used for purchasing large quantities or multiple items. Remember to check vendor prices each time Before enabling and using this agent. Use with caution, it is possible for the vendors to have items listed incorrectly. This will cause an erroneous purchase for you.
      • Add (Target) - Target the item to be added to the list. A second gump (see below) prompts you to enter the amount to be purchased.
      • Edit - Highlight any item in the list and click Edit to change the amount to purchase.
        A gump prompts you to enter the amount:
      • Remove - Highlight any item and click Remove to delete it from the list.
      • Clear List - Clear the entire list.
      • (Push to Disable/Enable) - Use this tab to turn the agent off and on. Each buy agent can be set seperately.

    • Restock Agent
      The Restock agent is used to drag items from a container to be placed inside your backpack. Setting this up will enable you to restock your character at the click of a key. The restock agent will only stock up to the amount you indicate, not simply add the amounts to what you already have. For example, my restock agent is set to include 33 black pearl. When I use the restock agent, it will top my black pearl up to 33; it won't add 33 more.
      • Add (Target) - Target the item to be added to the list. A second gump (see below) prompts you to enter the amount to be purchased.
      • Remove - Highlight any item and click Remove to delete it from the list.
      • Set Amount - Highlight any item in the list and click Set Amount to change the restock amount.
        A gump prompts you to enter the amount:
      • Clear List - Clear the entire list.
      • Clear Hot Bag - Use this tab to set the hotbag to restock too. If no bag is indicated, Razor restocks to your main backpack.
      • Restock Now - Activate the agent. You will receive a targeting cursor. Target the container to restock from. If you are at the bank, with your bank open, you can target your character to refill from the bank. This may also be set as a hotkey.

    • Friends
      The Friends agent works with pvp target hotkeys. Players added to this list will never be targeted by a Random Target (except for Target Random Friendly)
      • Add (Target) - Target the character to be added to the list.
      • Remove - Highlight any name and click Remove to delete it from the list.
      • Remove (Target) - Gives a targeting cursor. Target the player to remove from the list.
      • Clear List - Clear the entire list.
      • (Push to Disable/Enable) - Turn the Friends list off and on.
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  9. Chris

    Chris Renaissance Staff
    Renaissance Staff

    May 14, 2012
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    Hot Keys Tab

    The Hot Keys Tab

    The Hotkeys tab is where you make it all work from your keyboard. Most functions can be used or activated by setting a hotkey. Many of the hotkeys provided for you will speed up the macro setting process (like the spell and potions lists). Look through the entire section at least once; see below for an explanation of hotkeys. You do not need duplicate macros. If you are setting them with Razor, do not repeat the same settings in the client options.

    • Ctrl - Alt - Shift - Key - Located on the right, these are used to select the key. Once you have highlighted the hotkey to be set from the left index, click in the key field and type the key to be used for that setting. If you want to use a key with control, shift or alt keys, check them as well.
    • Unset/Set - Once you select the key, click Set. If this key combination has already been used by another setting in Razor, a warning is given. If the set is successful, the hotkey will appear beside the entry in the index. Click Unset to remove the key combination.
    • Pass to UO - When you set a hotkey, it becomes a key combination for Razor. Check this box to have hotkeys continue on to the client. If you do not check this box, Razor will read the command and it will go no further.
    • Execute Selected - Useful for using commands from the hotkey list without setting a key. For rarely used actions or testing.
      Below is a complete list of all hotkeys. Note: the screenshots have been manipulated to show entire sections in one shot.

    HotKey Index

    • Enable/Disable Razor HotKeys - Set a key to toggle Razor hotkeys off and on. Useful when using single-key hotkeys on a pvp character. Hotkeys can be toggled off for speech, on for pvp.

    • Agents To be used with the agents tab.
      Note: although the screen shot does not show it, each organizer has their own setting. This screenshot only shows organizers 1, 10 and 2. Duplicates of the same type were removed for space.

      • Add to UseOnce - Gives a target. Targeted items will be added to the UseOnce list.
      • Clear Scavenger Cache - hot key to clear scavenger cache. Useful for IDOC hunters.
      • Organizer Agent - (1-10) - Run the corresponding organizer with a keystroke.
      • Organizer Agent Set Hot Bag - (1-10) - This hotkey will give you a target to set the Hot Bag for the corresponding Organizer.
      • Restock Agent - (1-5) -Hotkey gives a target. Target the container to restock from.
      • Set Restock HotBag - (1-5) - Gives a target to change the bag you restock to. Handy when the looting pks takel the one you were using.
      • Use Once Agent
      • - The hotkey to use the items in the Use Once Agent list.

    • Dress - To be used with the Arm/Dress tab.
      • Arm/Disarm Left Hand - Remove items from the left hand. Once you have used this hotkey to disarm a weapon, Razor will remember the weapon. This key can now be used as a toggle to disarm/arm the left hand.
      • Arm/Disarm Right Hand - Remove items from the right hand. Once you have used this hotkey to disarm a weapon, Razor will remember the weapon. This key can now be used as a toggle to disarm/arm the right hand.
      • Dress: {name} - Listings with the word 'Dress' before them refer to the groups you set on the Arm/Dress tab. Each one will be listed with the name you set after the word 'Dress'.
      • Undress All - Get naked!
      • Undress Both Hands - Empty your hands of items, weps, etc
      • Undress Hat/Jewelry - Removes the corresponding item
      • Undress Left Hand/Right Hand - One setting for each hand.
      • Undress: {name} - As with 'Dress', each list set on the Arm/Dress tab has a Undress setting.

    • Items - For bandages, potions and held items.
      • Bandage Last Target - Applies Bandages in your backpack to your last target.
      • Bandage Self - Apply Bandage to self. This works with the Title Bar bandage timer
      • Potions - click the '+' beside potions to open the index. There's no need to use the UseOnce agent for potions, each potion type has its own place to set a hot key. Razor will not differentiate between the strengths. Use you have GH and heal potions, they will be used interchangebly.
      • Use Bandage - This option does not work with the Bandage timer. Provides a target to use with last target, target self, or to be clicked manually.
      • Use Item in Hand - Uses the item your are holding, including opening a runebook or spellbook, dbl clicking a dagger or other carving tool, giving target from a wand, etc.

    • Macros - Set Hot Keys for custom macros. Used with the macros tab.
      Macros can be run in-game by typing '-macro [name]'
      • Stop Current Macro - Set a key to stop any macro running.
      • Play: [name] - Each macro you set on the macro tab is listed here after the word 'Play'. The number of macros you can run on hotkeys is only limited by the number of key combinations on your keyboard. However, I recommend only setting hotkeys for those you use often, or need on the run (pvp macro, escape macro, etc).

    • Misc - Setting for options that fit nowhere else.
      • All Names - Works the same as show allnames in UO options. Using this set hot key will show the names of all players and npcs on the screen.
      • Begin Razor "PacketVideo" Recording - Activate Razor video feature to being recording.
      • Clear Drag/Drop Queue - Clear Razor's queue; occasionally this is needed if an organizer agent is stopped mid - cycle.
      • Dismount - Dbl-clicks your character to dismount from your ride.
      • Display Counters - This displays a list of all items in your counter with the total on your character. The display shows in the bottom left corner. Useful for those not using the Title Bar for resource count.
      • Drop What You are Currently Holding - Empties your cursor of any items you may be dragging. They appear in your backpack.
      • Last Object - Use the last object used
      • Last Skill - Attempt to use the last skill used.
      • Last Spell - Recast the last spell cast
      • Party: Accept Invitation - Set a hot key and quit typing /accept
      • Party: Decline Invitation - Set a hot key.
      • Recount Counters - Razor will search through all allowed containers and adjust your counter to the current totals.
      • Resynchronize Client - On occasion the client forgets to do its job. You may see objects no longer in place, fallen houses may show still there with half walls, and other oddities. Resync tells the client to take a better look around and update. IDOC hunters may find this useful when a house drops.
      • Show/Hide Map Window - A toggle hotkey to open and close the UO Postioning System Map.
      • Special Moves - Special moves are template dependant. AOS abilities are not used on Renaissance.
        • Clear AOS Ability - Clear the set abilities on a weapon.
        • Set Primary Ability - AOS; Set the primary ability of a weapon
        • Set Secondary Ability - AOS; Set the secondary ability of a weapon
        • Toggle Disarm - Pre- AOS; a toggle to attempt disarm. This remains on until you are successful or you turn it off.
        • Toggle Stun - Pre- AOS; a toggle to attempt stun. This remains on until you are successful or you turn it off.
      • Stop "PacketVideo" Recording/Playing - Stop the Razor video feature from recording/playing.
      • Take Screen Shot Now - Takes a screenshot according to the settings on the corresponding tab.
      • Toggle War/Peace - A toggle hotkey to go in and out of war mode.

    • Skills - Each skill that must be used by hotkey or skill gump is in this list.
      • Skills set in this list do not need to be set in UO in-game macros.

    • Spells - Each spell from each circle is in this list.
      • Spells set in this list do not need to be set in UO in-game macros. Using the hotkey will result in a target to use with the Targets list (see below).
      • Mini-Heal/Cure Self - This spell will cast Heal on your character. If your character is poisoned, Razor will automatically cast cure first.
      • Heal/Cure Self - This spell will cast Greater Hea/Heall on your character. If your character is poisoned, Razor will automatically cast cure first.

    • Targets - There are many target settings in Razor to aid with pvp and other functions.
      A note on targets. Targets for humanoids include player characters and humanoid npcs. Targets not defined for humanoids will include applicable animals and monsters.
      • Add Friend - Get a cursor target to add a player to your Friends list.
      • Attack Last Combatant - Attack the last person you were in combat with, regardless of who started the battle.
      • Attack LastTarget - Combined with Smart Target enabled, this function will target your last harmful target.
      • Cancel Current Target - Cancels a spell target; a variation of pressing escape.
      • Clear Target Queue - Clears Razor's memory of your target list including last targets for harmful and beneficial spells.
      • Last Target - The last target you had. Enable smarttarget to allow Razor to differentiate between harmful and beneficial targets.
      • Next Target - Moves through all players on the screen, highlighting them. This will change your last target.
      • Remove Friend - Target the player to be removed from your Friend list
      • Set Last Target - Gives an non- active target to set Last Target.
      • Target Closest Criminal - Targets the closest creature with criminal status
      • Target Closest Criminal Humanoid - Target the closest criminal humanoid.
      • Target Closest Enemy - Enemies refer to warring guild members, enemy faction members and their pets(orange players).
      • Target Closest Enemy Humanoid - as above; humanoids only.
      • Target Closest Friendly - A friendly is anyone appearing blue or green to you.
      • Target Closest Grey - Grey targets; non-criminal status, such as a blue player in a private house or an untamed animal.
      • Target Closest Grey Humanoid - as above; humanoids only
      • Target Closest Innocent - Any blue creature, players and animals included.
      • Target Closest Innocent Humanoid - as above; humanoids only
      • Target Closest Murderer - Red players
      • Target Closest Non-Friendly - Anyone not showing as blue or green to you.
      • Random Targets are the same as above with the target being an applicable random one on your screen rather than the closest.
      • Target Self - Target yourself
  10. Chris

    Chris Renaissance Staff
    Renaissance Staff

    May 14, 2012
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    Macro Tab

    The Macro Tab

    The Macros tab is an indispensible tool. Record a set of actions often repeated. The macro can then be run repeatedly to copy the same actions. In this manner, less wear and tear is put on your mouse. Macros can be used to macro skill, even afk or while playing another character. Macroes can be used for gathering resources and crafting. Note: Macroing afk to gather resources is known as bot farming and is illegal. You can use a macro to assist in resource gathering but you must not be afk.

    Macros are divided into two sections. The column on the left is the macro index of all macroes you make. On the right is the action area, used to set and edit the macros you create. Macros are saved to a folder, 'Macros', in your Razor folder. These can be edited in text format.

    For a large selection of pre-made razor macros for skill gain and more, visit UOG:Addict.

    Categories can be created to organize your macros. Be aware, although each character may have its own profile, all macros recorded for any/all characters you use will show in your macro index. Categories allow you to organize your macros in groups. You may want to use groups for each character, crafting skills, pvp actions, etc. The benefit to having all macros show, they only need setting once. Each character can have their own hot key settings depending on how frequent that character would use the macro (if at all).
    Right click the left column for the following options:

    • Add Category - Add a category to place macros in. A gump will prompt you to enter a name.
    • Delete Category - Highlight a category and click delete to remove it. Macros inside the category will need to be removed first.
    • Move to Category - Move macros to the category you choose.
    • Refresh Macro List - Update changes made to the list.

    To Create a Macro, begin by clicking the 'New' tab at the bottom of the gump. A second gump prompts you to enter the name of the macro; click 'okay'.
    The macro will now appear in the left index. Highlight the macro name with a left click.
    A list of functions to set the macro will now show beside the right action window.
    Right click the macro name to move it into a category.

    To Set/Record a Macro, highlight the macro in the left index. Click the 'Record' tab on the right and go through the actions in-game that you want in the macro. When you have finished, click the 'Stop' tab. Once the macro is created, the 'Stop' tab will change to a 'Play' tab when the macro is not running. To clear the macro entirely for re-recording, click the Record tab again. A prompt warns your original macro will be cleared.
    You now have the basis of a macro. From here, you can fine tune it with a list of options found with a right-click.:


    • Reload - Update Razor folder changes without closing Razor. This option will applies to the entire Razor folder, not specific macros. If you have edited a macro in text format, or added a a pre-made macro to the folder that isn't showing up, use this option.
    • Save - Saves changes made to Razor in the text file without closing the program.
    • Move Up/Down - Highlight a line and move it up or down with these two commands. Useful for changing text placement, misplaced commands, and more.
    • Remove Action - Highlight a line and click this option to delete the action from the macro. This cannot be recovered except by re-recording the action.
    • Begin Recording Here - Use this option to add actions you have missed. Razor will begin recording in the current macro. The action(s) will appear after the line highlighted.
    • Play from Here - Play the macro from the line indicated. Useful for checking macros as you set them.
    • Special Constructs - This list of commands is for inserting actions into the macro.
      Pause/Wait - This option gives a second gump of choices. A pause can be entered based on a specific amount of time. Waits can be added for gumps, targets, and old-style menus. Waits can also be added based on hitpoints, mana, or dexterity reaching a specified amount.
      For example: Wait for mana <= 90
      • Set Last Target - Gives a cursor to set a new last target.
      • Comment - Does not actually appear in the macro. This is for user notes and comments.
      • "If" Conditional - Set a command depending on circumstances - If mana is <= ; If black pearl =>
      • "Else" - You can continue the "if" conditional by adding 'else'. For example:
        If black pearl is <= 32
        Use restock agent 5
        Else If black pearl is => 33
        Use organizer agent 5
        End if
        This would tell razor to restock with restock agent 5 if black pearl if it is equal to or less than 32, use organizer agent 5 if black pearl is equal to or greater than 33.
      • "End If" - Use this line to end your 'if' commands. This tells Razor this part of the macro is complete.
      • "For Loop" - A command to loop (repeat) all actions following. A gump appears with this option, enter the number of times to repeat.
      • "End For" - Use this when actions to be looped have ended. This line tells razor the "for Loop" part of the macro has ended.
  11. Chris

    Chris Renaissance Staff
    Renaissance Staff

    May 14, 2012
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    Video Capture Tab

    The Video Capture Tab

    Razor's Video Capture tab lets you record a UO home movie. The recording is saved in your Video folder inside the Razor folder. These videos can be played back later for viewing in your client.

    There are two kinds of video styles to record in. The first is a packetvideo, the second an AVI video. While AVI video will give you a better picture, the files are larger and the recording can slow your play speed unless you are on a super computer. AVI is best used when you need a higher quality video. For general pvp and other gameplay recording, packet video is best. All videos are saved in the Razor/Video folder.

    If you plan on using this feature, it is highly recommended you set the hotkeys to start and stop recording. If Razor closes (or you crash) before you stop the video recording, the recording will be lost. You must stop the recording before you close Razor, in order to save the recording.

    To record a video, click your hotkey to start the packetvideo. Optionally, you can start it from the Razor video tab, or start an AVI recording. When you have what you want, hotkey/click 'Stop'. The video will now be saved for later viewing.

    AVI video recording has some extra options found on the bottom left of this tab. FPS is frames per second. The higher the number, the better the video, but also a greater slowing in game play. Resolution is a percentage of your play window.

    Once a video is recorded and saved, it can be viewed in the UO window. To view a video, click the 'Open' tab on the right side. 'Close' will close the window and return to real-time game play. Pick 'Play' to play the video and 'Stop' to stop. Speed will allow you to change how fast the video plays.
    A small bar underneath shows the video progress.

    When you install Razor, you also get the RPV Editor. This can be found from your start menu/Razor. This editor is for cropping videos. Keep in mind, this editor is in alpha stage. It is recommended you copy the video before cropping in case of file corruption due to cropping.
  12. Chris

    Chris Renaissance Staff
    Renaissance Staff

    May 14, 2012
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    ScreenShots Tab

    The Screenshots Tab

    Razor's Screenshot tab lets you take instant pictures of the screen. The screenshot is saved in your Screenshot folder inside the Razor folder.

    • The first entry field shows the path to the folder holding the screenshots taken by Razor.
    • The second entry field will list the screenshots in that folder. The screenshots are listed by character name, the date and finally an assigned number.
    • Image format gives you option for file types. Pick the type of extension to save as from jpg, png, bmp, gif, tif, wmf, exif or emf.
    • Choose between UO Only or Full Screen screenshots. UO Only will include the Title Bar, but not your taskbar. Full Screen works the same as printscreen on your keyboard.
    • Include Timestamp on Images places a marker on the top right of the screenshot. The marker will show the character name and shard name, the date and the time.
    • Auto Death Screen Capture will tell Razor to automatically take a screenshot anytime a character dies on your screen. This can cause lag for some players for a moment while the screenshot is taken. Test it for yourself to see how it functions with your system.
    • On the right is a tab to take a screenshot. Optionally, a hotkey may be set for this feature.
    • Directly below is a viewing screen. Click a screenshot from the list on the left to view in the right panel. This window can be clicked for a full screen viewing.

    Staff Note: Make sure you occasionally clean out your screenshot folder. The more screenshots in the folder, the more images razor will try to index when you add a new screenshot. 1000 screenshots = a 1-3 second lag anytime anything humanoid dies onscreen.
  13. Chris

    Chris Renaissance Staff
    Renaissance Staff

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    Help & Status Tab

    The Help & Status Tab

    The Help & Status tab shows a summary of Razor information and a collection of links.

    On the left is a table of Razor-related information - The version you have installed, memory used, data being sent and received, and the length of time you've been connected. Further information is shown below.
    On the right are Razor-related links. Clicking any of the links will open your default browser to the directed page.

    Razor and Paypal - Remarkably, Razor is a free-to-use program. We are fortunate to have someone like Zippy willing to apply his skill and use his free time to develop and maintain this program. Similar programs charge $15.00 or more to use. Please show your appreciation by donating to Razor though Paypal.
  14. Chris

    Chris Renaissance Staff
    Renaissance Staff

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    Advanced Razor Macro Editing Tips

    So you want to create advanced razor macros?

    Notepad ++ Text Editor

    Notepad ++
    This program will allow you to open a folder of razor scripts and apply a find replace action to all of the open files. For instance you can replace the item ID of a runebook in 26 macros with a single find/replace action.

    Finding your Razor Macros

    Now that you have something to edit the macros, now you need to find them. The easiest way is to find your search or run box depending on your version of windows. In windows 7 it will look like the following picture. Type in %appdata%.


    Once you hit enter you should see something like this, listing a variety of applications. Find razor in the list and open the folder. You will now see 2 more folders. Macros and Profiles. Open the macro folder.


    Tips and Tricks for Reading Macros

    To determine your character IDRecord a macro in razor of you using a runebooks. Use the runebook, and then say out loud what the runebook is. Once finished save the macro and log out of UO. Open the macro in a text editor and extract the item/character id's

    This is an example of targeting your character. The highlighted number is the unique ID of your character.

    This is an example of double clicking an item. The highlighted section is the unique serial of that item.

    When responding to any form of a gump, you will always send a response id. For most gumps these are 0,1,2. For more advanced gumps like a runebook there can be hundreds of options. The highligted section here shows the gump response id. See the references section below for a quick list of common responses when using a runebook.

    Now that you can fine the various values stored in macros. You can start customizing your macros by changing target ID's or item ID's For this we will use Notepad++'s handy find and replace feature.
    Note: Be very careful when selecting your values to replace. Make sure to be very specific. Should you lose a runebook linked in a macro

    Runebook GumpResponse ID's
    • Page 1 Rune 1 = 5
    • Page 1 Rune 2 = 11
    • Page 2 Rune 1 = 17
    • Page 2 Rune 2 = 23
    • Page 3 Rune 1 = 29
    • Page 3 Rune 2 = 35
    • Page 4 Rune 1 = 41
    • Page 4 Rune 2 = 47
    • Page 5 Rune 1 = 53
    • Page 5 Rune 2 = 59
    • Page 6 Rune 1 = 65
    • Page 6 Rune 2 = 71
    • Page 7 Rune 1 = 77
    • Page 7 Rune 2 = 83
    • Page 8 Rune 1 = 89
    • Page 8 Rune 2 = 95
  15. David Scraggs

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    Nov 17, 2014
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    Trying to get my magery macro to only heal me if my hp are <= 55. For whatever reason It won't run the heal macro I have set up. Just keeps looping to the top.
  16. Vlar

    Vlar Well-Known Member

    Mar 8, 2013
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    Insert a if statement
    If HP < 55
    cast spell greater heal
    end if
  17. David Scraggs

    David Scraggs Well-Known Member

    Nov 17, 2014
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    Still not casting the greater heal. My macro is like this.

    If ( hits <=55 )
    // cast spell greater heal
    End if
    Wait for hits >=55
    Castspell flamestrike (#51)
    Wait for taget
    Exec: Target Self
    Pause 1.50 sec
    useskill meditation
    wait for mana >=55
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2014
  18. David Scraggs

    David Scraggs Well-Known Member

    Nov 17, 2014
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    Got it all worked out now. Next I will be working out how to get it to restock for me :)
  19. Azerothian

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    UO:R Subscriber

    Oct 12, 2015
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    Is there a list somewhere of all the item IDs (for counters) for razor? I have not managed to find one with a swift google.
  20. Russ

    Russ Member

    Jun 1, 2014
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    is there a way to loot monsters? gold gems scrolls...... I cant seem to figure it out

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