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    In the next few days the Renaissance staff will open a new general chat channel for the server #Renaissance. Thanks to an outpouring of support from our players coupled with the desire for a Renaissance related channel where the conversation is focused on Ultima.

    The following rules will be in place for the new channel and the moderators are being trained to enforce them in a consistent manner.

    Maintaining a Channel Focused on Renaissance and Ultima Online
    Examples of Acceptable Topics
    • Buying and Selling
    • Templates, Farming, Training
    • PvP, PvM
    • Anything related to Ultima Online
    Examples of Unacceptable Topics
    • Drug Use
    • Sexual Topics
    • Gross Topics
    • Politics
    • Religion

    Note: Chat4All allows you to create you own channels simply and easily. We welcome our players to have any discussion they desire however if it does not fit the purpose of the #Renaissance channel we will ask you to take it to the appropriate channel.

    Example Moderation
    <Channel> Random discussion about politics
    <Moderator> Please keep the discussion focused on Ultima Online and the Renaissance Server
    <Channel> Continued discussion about politics
    <Moderator> 2nd Warning Please keep the discussion focused on Ultima Online and the Renaissance Server
    <PlayerX> Continued discussion about politics
    <Moderator> 15 Minute Ban for PLayerX - Continued off topic discussions.​

    Offsite Linking / Advertising
    The new Moderator Bot @Renaissance will have a function to detect and automatically moderate any offsite linking.
    • Posting links to other free shards or voting sites will result in a warning.
    • Repeated posting of links to other IRC channels not in the list shown below.
    • Repeated posting of offsite links could result in punishment.
    • Clear advertising will result in a permanent ban from the channel.
    • This rule is primarily focused on voting sites and free shards. Players are welcome to share Ultima relevant links.

    Example Moderation
    <PlayerX> Come check out this new game I am now playing at
    <Private Message by Moderator> Player X Please do not link other games in the #Renaissance channel.
    ... later ...
    <PlayerX> Come check out this new game I am now playing at
    <Moderator> Channel Ban for PLayerX - Continued Advertising​

    Example Moderation
    <PlayerX> Come check out this new server! $90 sandals!!!!
    <Moderator> Channel Ban for PLayerX - Free Shard Advertising​

    Adult Content
    • Linking any image or site that contains NSFW / R-Rated content will result in an immediate ban from the channel.
    • The #Renaissance channel should be considered a Pg-13, SFW environment.
    • There will be no staff/moderator warnings or discussions.
    Note: As a #UOR moderator for over 2 years I have seen things posted in links that no person should have to see. I will not subject our players and moderators to this type of content. While players can not click on a link it is the moderators job to verify all content is appropriate.

    Example Moderation
    <PlayerX> OMG Check out this picture of a bowel movement someone took in the dorms last night.
    <Moderator> Channel Ban for PlayerX - Gross/Disgusting/NSFW Posting​

    There will be no automated moderation of player language in the #Renaissance channel.
    • All hate speech, racist comments, extremely aggressive cussing, sexual content etc will be automatically forwarded to our moderators channel.
    • Any threats of violence against another player will be reviewed by the moderators .
    • Moderators will review the statements, their context and purpose and as a group take the correct action.
    • Just like the attended gathering system the more you abuse the channel, the longer you will be removed from the channel.
    • Moderators will always take the opportunity to explain any concerns regarding this type of speech once action is taken.
    • Should anyone be banned from the channel an excerpt of their statements that led to the ban, and the ban duration will be posted in a moderators log post in the trash talk forum for the player to review.
    • Any attempts to discuss the moderation with a moderator or administrator will be directed to the log post.

    Example Moderation
    <PlayerX> Who is the MotherF*&^%er that just looted me.
    <PlayerX> I hope you rot in hell Fa*&^ts
    <Private Message by Moderator> Please refrain from using hate speech while in the public channels. Please use #UORPvp/#UOR for un-moderated discussion.
    ... later ...
    <PlayerX> Screw you bitch ass Motherf*&^%ers. I am going to kill you.
    <Moderator> 24 Hour Ban for PlayerX - Language / Personal Attacks.​

    Note: Just because someone says something or does something to you ingame that you find offensive is not a good reason to use the public channel to attack that player. Place the player on ignore ingame or report the statements to the staff if they violate the code of conduct. Do not escalate the situation in #Renaissance and then express frustration when your statements are moderated.

    Flood Detection
    Should a series of spam be detected by the moderator bot you can be kicked from the channel as a warning to please slow down the repetition of your statements. This is primarily designed to stop bot like spam, but can catch players if they are a bit to heavy on the enter key. ​

    Staff / Moderator Respect
    Please treat the moderators and staff with respect. All moderators are trained to ingore any personal attacks directed at them and will not respond to baiting comments. However should you persist in attacking a volunteer or their conduct the shard administrators will review the behavior and discuss it with you. If the behavior continues you will be asked to leave the channel.

    In all the above situations the moderators will take action based on a clearly defined set of rules. All punishment will be the result of the Renaissance Staff, Counselors and Moderators reviewing the statements and coming to a shared conclusion. No action will ever be taken based on a personal feelings towards a player or their conduct. ​

    Staff Supported Channels
    Purpose: This will be the official new player assistance and general discussion channel. The rules listed above will apply explicitly to this channel
    Administrator: Telamon
    Staff Moderators: Samorite, Treasureman
    Emergency Non Staff Moderators: Avery

    Purpose: This channel will be for all things trade. Posting buying and selling information, price checks or general economy discussion.
    Administrator: Telamon
    Moderators: Cherie, Avery

    Purpose: This channel is the official new player guild channel where players can go to get information or find other new players to play with.
    Administrator: Krake, Mikek

    Non Moderated Channels
    These channels are no longer officially supported or moderated by the #UOR staff. Players are welcome to use these channels however the activities of players in the channels is not a representation of the Renaissance server and its code of conduct.

    Purpose: In these channels are anything goes. There will be no official staff moderation however general moderators will be provided to monitor the channel at their personal discretion. In extreme cases you could be removed from these channels if you violate the rules of Chat4All. ​

    Players are expected to follow the code of conduct as shown here while in either channel. We will no longer be as understanding with players who abuse these rules for their own personal amusement. If you think it is funny to call someone a derogatory term or use hate speech you will no longer be welcome in a staff supported channel.

    If you need assistance setting up MIRC or other applications for connecting to the IRC channels please see this guide. This guide also covers how to create your own channel where you may discuss any topic you desire.

    You can review the moderator log here (requires forum membership)
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