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    • Renaissance staff are responsible for the upkeep, coding and maintenance of the game server, website, and various other resources. Usually jack of all trades characters who are immune to discouragement and can recite Runuo in their sleep.
    How can I contact a staff member?
    • Open a page ingame using the help menu.
      Note: You must stay ingame for us to respond to the page.
    • Private Message a staff member on IRC(Public Chatroom)
    • Forum Private Message a staff member
      Note: Please be patient, it may take a little bit for a staff member to become available to assist you. If you need to leave the computer send Chris a private message on the forums.
    Services Provided to Our Players
    • You may contract a staff member on irc or by paging them ingame.
    • Helping a stuck player
    • Helping retrieve a stuck pet
    • Researching suspected bugs or inaccuracies.
    • Adjusting vendors in your vendor house.
    Things that a staff member cannot help you with.
    • Recovering lost items or pets.
    • Provide information about who killed you recently.
    • Provide information about where items/monsters spawn.
    • Provide information about items that spawn on monsters.
    Are Staff Allowed to Play?
    • No. Renaissance Staff are not permitted to play.

    • Renaissance Counselors are players who have agreed to donate their time to assist in the administration of the server in various ways. From forum moderation to ingame new player assistance they graciously donate their time to make Renaissance a better. place.
    Counselor Services
    • Assistance with moderating the Renaissance Forums and IRC Channel
    • Provide new player assistance and instruction.
    • Provide advanced documentation and critical testing services.
    How can I contact a counselor?
    • Given that counselors donate their time, and are players as well it is best to contact them via a forum private message.
    How can i become a counselor?
    • The best way to become a counselor on Renaissance is to start as a volunteer.
    • Should you demonstrate a professional attitude and analytic mind when given various tasks by the staff you may be asked to become part of the counselor program.
      Note: Counselors are never given item creation or adjustment powers on the live server. Only Renaissance staff may interact with the world directly.
    Are Counselors Allowed to Play?
    • Yes. Counselors are provided with extremely limited ingame accounts and are only allowed to answer pages, and assist new players. They are not allowed to travel hidden, do not have a backpack, and have no access to commands.

    • Renaissance Volunteers are players who have been awarded this rank for providing assistance to the staff in a variety of ways. Services such as video editing, advertising, patch testing and quality assurance. These players are responsible for helping new players find Renaissance and assuring that our patches are error free.
    How can i become a volunteer?
    • Do you have a skill or service that can be useful to Renaissance?
    • Are you immune to tedious testing tasks and enjoy being asked to re-create various obscure situations on test center?
    • Would you like to help new players find the Renaissance server?
    • Do you have skills in content creation and an interest in helping improve our site documentation and guides?
      Note: Should any of things sound interesting to you contact Chris/Telamon with details
    How can a volunteer help me as a player?
    • Volunteers are some of the most knowledgable players on the Renaissance Server.
    • They can provide answers to a variety of questions you might have.
    Are Volunteers Allowed to Play?
    • Yes. While in certain cases they are given special privledges on a sandbox test server to aid in their testing activities.
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    • Our Donor's and Subscribers help keep Renaissance going by providing financial assistance with advertising and hosting services. Our monthly subscribers are enrolled in our founders club where they can discuss future patches, creature design, coding issues, and the future of the shard in a constructive environment with the Renaissance Staff.
    How can I become a subscriber or donor?
    • Visit our shard support page located here and select one of the donation options.
    What are the perks for being a donor or subscriber?
    • Donors are indicated by a special name coloring and rank image.
    • Subsribers are indicated by a special name coloring and rank image.
    • Subscribers may also select their own custom rank image from any one of the monster images available in our PvM ranking system.
    • Subscribers who donate 10$ or more a month are granted access to the founders club forum.
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