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    *A Messenger rides through the city of Vesper stopping at The Ironwood Inn, The Counselor's Guild and the March Hall. He then Nails a report to the doors of these fine Vesper buildings.*

    A report from Akiro


    - Voyage from the docks of Vesper to Skara Brae: No contact with anything throughout voyage

    - Successful lock picking adventure: Encountered Drow [hostile], other creatures encountered were as expected

    - Successful gathering of feathers: Encountered a Drow [hostile] and we made contact with a Dwarf [Non-Hostile]

    This Event deemed a success with a 2-5 number of individuals.

    Resources Gathered:
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    Mitsh Glasschisl [Dwarf] eyes the report.."a dwarf eh?"

    *We see Mitsh preparing his pack with a few days supplies as he mutters under his breath..*

    " Keg of drink, dried mongbat ribs, wool cloak, bedroll, sharp axe and a gift for the dwarf....all here"

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