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    From Trugagh,first Elder of the Bloodrock Hai:

    First off, read the Joining page and the Rules page. They are critical. If your name isn't approved, we might have to deny you membership no matter how much we'd like you to join. Be sure your skin color is on the mark as well. No hair for males and topknot for females. No facial hair.

    Stay away from all magical arts such as necromancy, magery, and chivalry. If caught using any of them, you will be removed, no questions asked. Do not think since you aren't at the fort that we'll never find out. All of our orcs have alternate characters they play and often stumble upon an orc breaking the rules. Its not below us or our alts to snoop your backpack for a spellbook.

    Yes, we are an event guild. Meaning that the most important time for you to come around is when we have an event planned. If you choose to, you can play your orc as much as you like and hang around the fort fighting humans. Fort wars have always been a favorite among Bloodrock members. However, since we are an event guild, the fort will often be empty. That doesn't mean we are inactive, its just that we choose our playtimes rather than it being a constant expectancy to be around as much as possible. Do keep in mind that activity outside of events is always smiled upon and shows you enjoy playing your orc.

    We are a friendly guild, no matter how many wars we have and no matter if we are murderers. Griefing and general bad play by orcs is unacceptable. We are here for the enjoyment of all, ourselves and our enemies. We are the intelligent monster that offers humans more of a challenge. Please do not abuse the power we have.

    Also, there is ability to advance for everyone. We are always looking for the one out of a thousand players that has great leadership ability and motivation to create good things. If leadership isn't your cup of tea, loyalty and activity are often rewarded with special positions such as the ability to create a mage in the clan or rank promotions.

    Above all, have fun. That's the point of it all, isn't it?

    All of the requirements to join are here:

    This is the link for the URK forums:

    Thanks for looking!
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