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    I have found THE fastest way to gain str,dex, and int.
    First thing your newbie character should do is get some gold. Either sheer some sheep and sell the whool or ask a fellow player to help you out with about 3000gp. Once you have the goods find every type of NPC around you and say "<npc'sname> teach" so they give you a list of things. Then say "<npc'sname> teach <skill>", skill obviously being a skill they said they could teach you. Go around and learn everything using the gold you have until your skills are maxed out at 700. BUT, be sure not to learn Mining, Herding, snooping, or Spirit Speaking(Whatever skill you are going to use to gain.. skills for individual stats listed below). Make sure those three are at zero. (SEE SAW METHOD - I AM NOT 100% IF THIS METHOD WORKS IN UOR)

    Now make your way to moonglow zoo

    Lock every skill you have and then chose one that you are not going to use but have at least 10 (real) of and set it down. Now run to the moonglow armory and buy a crook and a pick axe. Go out into the field North of town. Set the herding skill up, and double click the Crook and select an animal. Once you do this, it will ask you to chose a location, just select the same animal or any tile Repeat this...

    Setup your 2nd account (You are allowed 2), bring both your characters together and use razor and setup a macro to snoop (New macro - record- double click pack, end recording, rightclick the double click line, add pause/wait of 10000(10seconds) and put a loop on it)

    I use the same as STR - Herding.
    Another method is camping.. Use a dagger and go dagger some trees for kindling, and double click the kindling and make a macro for it. Camping is the quickest method for INT.

    STR - Mining/Herding
    DEX - Herding/Snooping
    INT - Herding/Camping - Spirit Speak

    Use that formula.

    Always start with Str first, because INT is the slowest to gain. Mining, Herding, and Snooping have no delay. SpiritSpeaking does.

    Once your at max stats, get out there and kill some somethings!
    I know this works, because I just maxed 2 characters stats in about 3 hours using this method and Razor to streamline the process. I did not include the macro's because they are very simple.
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    You can also do camping for all 3 stats using the same stat cap method Drew suggested. Stats move ridiculously fast at 0 camping
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    Doing your method now. I can confirm it works. A few different things tho:

    * Use camping for str/int (fastest way). Farm kindling by dubble clicking a dagger and select a tree. Farm until you cannot move. Then dubble click the kindling to train camping (for raising str/int)
    * at 700 Base total skill, lock all skill and point camping/herding/snooping up. No need to use the sig saw method.
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