Stormhold Fight League: Friday Night Fights #9 (1-30-15)

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    1st Place - Pax Romain
    2nd Place - Klitorious

    3rd Place - Pill the Mack
    (screenshot: 1-30-15, final fight between Pax Romain and Klitorious)

    Stormhold Fight League - Friday Night Fights #9

    (1-30-15 @ 11PM EST)
    Prize purse brought to you by: The 555 Foundation & GideonJura, and Sir Garvey!

    Event gates will most times be provided by Telamon and if you PM Vlar in IRC travel can be arranged.

    This week's tournament will be (standard 1v1 rules)
    • No combat or stealing outside of the ring
    • Reds(murderers) and blues are both allowed to attend and participate
    • Elimination style TBD (single/double elim) based on time constraints
    • No pots (EXCEPT REFRESH)
    • No wands
    • No hiding/invis
    • No magic weapons/armor
    • Poisoned weapons are not allowed
    • No looting
    • No field spells
    • No followers (tames, summons, mounts, etc)
    • No precasting before match begins
    • No buffs before match begins (includes stat pots, bless, Magic Reflect and company, fish buffs, etc)
    • All matches are subject to "sudden death" after ten minutes in duration and people are getting sleepy.
    • Stealing is allowed between active combatants during official matches. Stolen items must be returned at the end of each match.
    • All combatants are subject to snooping by Stormhold staff
    • As always, I reserve the right to make shit up as I go along.
    Sudden Death:
    • No interruption of fight will occur
    • Referee will signal audience members and staff that sudden death will begin in 60 seconds
    • When 60 seconds has expired and the referee gives an ALL-CAPS signal the audience and staff are free to dump fire or poison fields into the arena.
    • Combatants are allowed to heal or cure as normal no rules change except now they're fighting in a pit of fire and poison.
    The prizes for this week are (may change based upon donations):
    • 1st Place: First place trophy & 50k check
    • 2nd Place: Second place trophy & 25k check
    • 3rd Place: Third place trophy & 10k check
    Spectators are encouraged to attend! Come enjoy the hospitality of Stormhold!
    (screenshot: 1-23-15 first match to go to sudden death, Furbitron (in black) vs. leggo my eggo)

    Previous Events:
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    A new ring was tried out with the lanterns for lighting removed in an attempt to reduce 'lag' some players were experiencing. (read: sun in eyes)

    Stavros and the neon haired Roman's fight ends in a shower of magical energy.

    Klitorious manages to survive his first Fight Night match AND first sudden death, finding a small space to stand as he launched a huge attack timed with his enemies hitting a poison field.

    Francois Villon and Pill the Mack circle each other in one of the most entertaining duels of this evening. It went back and forth rather dramatically a few times until finally...

    What a fight! Very close for quite a while!

    Roman at some point decided he was too sexy for his armor and clothing.
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