T-Map 7 Hard Mode!!!

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    What: The Gem Filled Mine.
    Sunday 11/Oct/15 @ 11:00 am. (On Hold Maps are on Maintainance :s)

    If Maps are not Available, will run an AMIB Set Hard Mode Again

    Who: Every UO Guild Memver is Invited.

    a) One Pet no more than 2 Slots from each Player. (So u can bring Only One Mare, but not a Dragon)
    b) No Mounts. (No Ethys iether, and u cant ride ur mare!)
    c) Equipt ur self as good as u can, use ur Slayers, Invul Armors, everything, this is not gonna be easy to Tank!!!

    * We gathering all the Gold, Plat, Slayers, Rare Drops and Good Random weapons to roll at the end.
    * A player can only win onece, u can pass on a roll if u want something else.
    * I will be keeping one of the Slayers.

    1) Any Rare(s) we Get.
    2) Colored Chest.
    3) Hued Slayer.
    4) All the plat we Gather.
    5) All The Gold we Gather.
    6) Any Other Slayer we found. (This is free roll for everyone)

    *Me and some others will bring some dragons to sit at the entrance just in case we fail miserably.

    Get ur Dexxer Ready!!!
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    I will try and be there. I love an opportunity to run my axer.

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