The Dreaded Plunderers Guild Statement and Lore

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    Guild Statement

    We classify ourselves as an open community of Pirates and those who choose to live within our community among Pirates. Whether you be the adventuring sort(PVM), The swashbuckling type(PVP), the murderous, or the treasure seekers. Crafters of any nature can also find a place within our community of Pirates, as carpentry and smithing are highly sought after in the Pirating community.

    My goal here is to create an environment where everyone can take their UO experience one step further. I for one over the course of my 18 years here playing Ultima Online I have rarely come across any Pirate content worth remembering or being a part of. Pirates and the culture have always fascinated me and I am glad that Chris and the staff here at UO Renaissance have shown interest in having that here. With the custom content of Guild Alliances this gives us a very good chance to fully experience what you can not elsewhere. Ever wanted to raid a town and fight alongside your fellow swashbucklers? then check this out! Seek out that dangerous MiB from some sunken Pirate wreckage out on the high seas? then check this out!

    We plan on being your typical all around Ultima Online Guild, not just an RP guild that has minimum to moderate exposure to the rest of the shard. We want to have a lasting impact and not in a negative way either! We want to be seen out organized in dungeons raids, IDOCs, MiBs, Treasure Hunting, Events, and crafting. We want people to see the skill and fun we have while doing what they all do already we just do it with a Swashbucklers Swagger ;-)

    I also want -X- to be a product of the people in it so any and all suggestions on ANYTHING that has to do with the guild will be received with open interest and legitimate consideration. We want everyone to have fun and make this their home because we are too!

    Please check back in here as you see any updates. Everything will always be a work in progress here at -X-!

    Guild Lore

    Our lore is still in progress and will be released by weeks end.
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