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    *a message is pinned to every tavern in Britannia*

    Hear ye, hear ye!!!!

    The Salty Dog Tavern has now opened another section. Apart from the message board on tavern, a new room has been constructed for people to gather, discuss and share their joy or grieves of their daily endeavours.Most of the folk that hangs around the tavern already knows the Intercharacter Relay Chat(IRC) room, but for newcomers we are proud to inform you that a specific room exists in the tavern for this.

    To enter the room, one must find the section of IRC on the entrance, then find the room which has the runes of "#UOR-RP".

    People of #UOR-RP,

    [OOC: This is just a reminder to our new roleplayers (which seem to be increasing with our growing numbers) that we have a roleplaying channel in IRC, #UOR-RP. Step in the meet people who actively roleplay in the shard.]
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    * sloppy handwritten note pinned to the bottom of the message posted in Yew*

    I would like to apologize in advance that when I am around, I sometimes... (most times)... rant and rave in a fevered manner about things that may seem odd to most Sosarians. Ignore me. I go away eventually.

    - Song Bird

    (but seriously - come join us. It's the best)
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