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    I am pleased to announce that the decorations and renovations underway at the Siren's Call Tavern and Pub are nearly complete. Once the finishing touches are in place, there will be a grand opening ceremony and CELEBRATION!!

    A little bit about the tavern and some ground rules....

    The Siren's Call is a place to come and kick back after a long day sweating in the mines of Minoc, toiling in the great Swamp of Desolation, or battling the denizens of any of the several dungeons in the land. The tavern is located on the edge between the Village of Paws and the town of Shadowcove at the headwaters of the Crystal River. It's not far from the Spirituality Shrine to the west, northwest.

    Some Rules:

    1) Anyone and EVERYONE is welcome at the Siren's Call!! Yes, I do mean everyone. I don't care if you're blue, green, gray, red, orange, or anything in between. Blood feuds, old beefs, vendettas, and everything else gets left at the door. No matter who you are or what you've done in the past, you're welcome at The Siren's Call.

    2) NO, and I do mean ABSOLUTELY NO violence or thievery. Anyone I catch breaking the Pax Vino, or Wine Peace, as I like to call it, will feel the swift and everlasting sting of the

    3) There will be drinks and snacks provided on the house as much as I am able, and there may or may not be a bartender around on permanent call with more vittles for purchase. However, while the refreshments are free, the upkeep of an establishment as upscale and classy as The Call is not cheap, so donations are always very much welcome AND appreciated.

    That's pretty much it. We aren't much for rules and regulations at The Siren's Call. It's all about sharing a nice glass of wine, a mug of ale, or if it's been a really tough, dusty, dirty, bloody day, a stiff shot of liquor, with your fellow travelers and adventurers. As long as everyone keeps rules #1 and #2 in mind, everything should be fine and dandy.

    So, when the time comes, I'll let you all know when the ever unpredictable lady Fate is ready to cut the ribbon, unlock the doors, and tap the kegs. Until then, feel free to stop by and take a look at the decor (or just check out the image above). Can't wait to see you all at The Siren's Call!!

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    Stormhold is hiring a barkeeper btw
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    We should have some brown booze looking moongates set up to all the bars/gathering spots similar to event gates :)

    Drunken Stag -> Siren's Call -> Etc
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