The Tavern, the Lich and some Torture

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    Qamra…It was pretty bad that I had to see her on a daily basis, showing her “goods” to any adventurer who so much as walked within 10 paces and asked nicely.

    Even worse, last week in Skara I was minding my own business when that vile townie Cordelia came up to me, grabbing at my sleeve so hard he nearly pulled me off my horse, demanding a copy of that damn Qamra Sutra. I cursed him and bade him to leave me be but he didn’t leave. Instead Cordelia stood there, blocking my path, and asked, “Well, what about a game of tag instead?” Then without even waiting for my reply he thrust his meaty fingers into my chest and said, “Tag, your it.”

    Already in a bad mood on account of being accosted with memories of Qamra, I pushed Cordelia hard with both hands, maybe too hard for he fell backwards onto the ground. I looked down at him and said “Don’t you ever tag me again”. Then I recalled angrily back to the Spiritwood.

    Perhaps Jupiter could see the pain I was in when I strode into the Spiritwood that day and thought the task of opening up a tavern in town would do me good. Or perhaps he just knew his own shortcomings when it came to decoration and management of alcohol and thought it better to assign those tasks to someone else. Either way, I jumped at the job offer, eager to fill my mind with anything that was not Qamra.

    I spent the better part of the week getting the Tavern ready for business, and I had just finished locking down the final touches when Aragorn came in and took a seat at the bar. I offered him some ale, and 1 turned into 2 and 2 into 3...4...5... It was on his 6th ale that he started recanting a tale he heard from a busker in Magincia, a tale he said was being called "Memories of the Abyss".
    After hearing the tale, I rushed Aragorn out of the tavern, locked the doors, and sat down on a bar stool. Could this tale be true? Or were these just the ramblings of a man on his 6th ale?
    I had to get to the bottom of this, Sosaria was in grave danger.

    I saddled my horse and set off through the forests that lay to the west of the Spiritwood. Eventually I came to the massive hedge that the stranger had mentioned. It stretched as far as the eye could see and had grown as tall as 3 men. I rode north alongside the hedge until I came to an opening. Knowing would could lay ahead, I paused a moment in the sunlight, took a deep breath and entered the maze. The hedges were tall enough to block off the direct sunlight, and it grew more and more forbidding the deeper I ventured.

    After what seemed like an eternity, I stumbled out into what I believe to be the center of the maze. An old plaster house sat in the center of the clearing, but I didn't go in the front door. Instead, remembering the tale I heard from the drunk stranger, I went to the hills alongside the crumbling house and crawled on all fours, running my hands deep through the grass, looking for some sort of hidden door.
    I had just about given up when my hand reached forward but instead of feeling grass, felt air instead.
    Using both hands as guides, I felt my way forward and once completely through the grass I saw a metal door. So the tale the stranger told WAS true. I readied my supplies, knowing what lay in the next room. With a bag in one hand and brandishing a rope in the other I leaped through the metal doors.
    "Hello", said a tall grotesque creature with a large gash in the top of it's head and two sunken yellow orbs for eyes.
    Wasting no time, I rushed the creature and with a mighty "KA-POW" slung myself at it, crashing into a pedestal and ultimately landing on top. The crash against the hard floor had stunned the creature and I pulled and tied the bag over it's head and used the rest of the rope to bind its arms and legs.
    I then proceeded to drag the vile creature outside of the house, hitched it to my horse, and dragged it all the way out of the maze and back to the Village of Paws. The disgusting creature cursed and whimpered in pain the entire ride.
    Once at Paws, I threw the creature into the divination cabin and locked the door behind me so it could not escape. The creature had barely survived the rough transport and was in no condition to be interrogated but I proceeded anyway.
    At first the creature refused to talk. But a few hours of "convincing" with a silver butchers knife and he began to open up. The creature stood tied up in a pool of its own blood, greatly weakened by the hours of torturous interrogation, pleading for its release. Giving up everything he knew to escape the pain, still I did not relent.
    I did not stop until the creature screamed out in a final gasp, "I have seen the error in my ways!" and crumpled dead in a heap on the floor.
    I cleaned up the blood and disposed of the corpse the best I could in hopes that Baerron Jael will not find out what I have done.
    Then I went to my house and began to quickly write down everything I had learned from the creature.
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    Qamra came on to me! You liar!

    T'was evening when i found it. A blank page with only a Q written at the bottom..but i knew the writing. I knew the *meaning*.
    I came over to sample the goods and fill in the page as requested when suddenly a jelous Quenby attacked me,i dare say he even planned this whole thing all along!

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    This story has been added to the oral history of Paws.

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