The wandering Orc

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    Waking up early, in the mid afternoon, John grab the scrap of paper pinned with an arrow right above his cot.

    -You have the watch till I wake up.


    John stretch and carelessly drop the note. -Guess I should have told em I can't read. Mumbling and still dizzy from last night "brigand job", John decides to grab his bow and see if he can find some game for the tavern cook. Not a few steps out of tavern, he hear fighting screams and a shrilling sound that send shivers down his recruit spine!

    Gathering his wit, John bravely hide and urge carefully toward the the brigand camp. As he approach , adrenaline start pumping, brigand mates corpses lying close to the entrance. A hellish scream force John's gaze up from his friends bodies. Every single muscle in his body tense when he finally gaze upon the nightmare and his master.

    The sight of his dead drinking fellas turning his cowardice into frenzy, John draw an arrow and aim for the back of the beastmaster's head. SHLACK! Headshot.

    Out of nowhere an Orc appear and seems to be willing to help the brigands in exchange for the beast meat. With his unexpected ally, John the recruit manage to fend off the attack. Unscathed, the two unlikely allies proceed into butchering the hellish steed and the Orc retreat to the wild with the feast on his shoulder.

    Gug'ye wandering Orc!

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