training magery and resist.

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    Hi, how many regs each do i need to gm magery and resist? and what should i cast in what order to be most efficient?
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    There's a few varying opinions on this. Here's one...

    I usually hit a resist event (do a forum search) and not worry so much about GMing resist.

    • Fireball from NPC trained to 45ish
    • optional but recommended - run fire fields till you can't stand it no more (past 55 at least) or till you feel it's capped out
      • Or... avoid starting 6th circle spells until your resist catches up... don't let it lag too far behind or you won't get 6th and above gains
    • Lightning to 60ish
    • E-bolt to 80ish
    • Flamestrike to GM
    Supply list varies from character to character and your stats when you began training

    3500 black pearl
    2500 nightshade
    6000 spider silk
    7000 sulfurous ash
    1000 mandrake

    +optional 100 or so fire wall casts

    This should run you over on reagents.

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    You either have a chance to gain from a spell, or you do not. You gain the chance to cast, and thus, the chance to gain, around (circle *10) + 0.1 in skill.

    You still gain on failure casts.

    A failure uses no mana.

    It's in everyone's best interest to do this:

    Purchase resist/magery as high as possible from npcs. (if you didn't start with 50 magery, which you should do in 100% of templates except possible crafters)

    Fireball self from 30.1 to 40.1
    Fire field and run through it from 40.1 until RESIST is maxed out. (only if you want resist, otherwise skip this step)
    Lightning from 40.1+ (and 55+ resist) to 60.1 Magery
    Ebolt from 60.1 Magery to 70.1 Magery
    Flamestrike from 70.1 onward...

    Here is where you make a decision.

    Option 1.) You want to save money = Continue to flamestrike to GM
    Option 2.) You want to GM Magery but have no resist = switch to summon/release water elemental at 80.1, continue to GM.
    Option 3.) You want to GM Magery QUICKLY = switch to summon/release water elemental at 80.1, continue to GM, finish resist at free resist event.

    Once Magery is GM, you can continue to Flamestrike yourself to GM resist if you want. Otherwise, a free resist event is the easiest way to go about it. But flamestriking to GM doesn't cost much and you can farm the gold to do it in 2 hours for the average player.

    I don't know why people continually state to ebolt until 80 magery. It is in everyone's best interest to cast the most difficult, but possible spell, with the lowest reg cost, at the earliest possible level.
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    Thanks for the reply.

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