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    Listed here you will find some quick links to various Ultima Online publishes. Here at Renaissance we believe in establishing the best reproduction of the Renaissance period as it should have been. History Perfected as we like to call it.

    These Publish notes should be used as a research aid to help us in our quest to create an enjoyable Renaissance experience. In order to re-create a server in which the trammel facet was never added there are some aspects of the Renaissance period that will probably be excluded. (Corpse Looting rights, Item Decay in Houses, etc.)

    Additionally should something have been added after the Renaissance era we could choose to incorporate it should it add to the quality of the server. (Bug Fixes, Factions, Bulk Order Deeds, Additional Resource types, Quest Systems)

    And some things we will be adding that deviate from UO Publish history completely in order to perfect the true Renaissance experience. Improved alternative house designs, capture the flag tournaments, player managed quests, for example.

    Publish 22 - December 17, 2003
    • Holiday 2003 gifts, Sacred Journey fixes, bonded pet fixes, assorted other bug fixes
    Publish 21 - November 25, 2003
    • Housing/Vendor fixes, NPC economics, Factions fixes, Bulk Order Deed lockdown fix, various other fixes
    Publish 20 - October 6, 2003
    • New Vendor system, Bulletin Boards, Housing Runestones, the death of in-game HTML and UBWS bows
    Publish 19 - July 30, 2003
    • Quick Self-looting, BoD books, special move fixes/changes, housing lockdown fixes, pet and faction tweaks
    Publish 18 - May 28, 2003
    • AoS launch gifts, new wearables, customized housing fixes, Paladin/Necromancer balances
    Publish 17 - February 11, 2003
    • AoS launch publish and miscellaneous related changes

    Publish 16 - July 12-22, 2002
    • Resource/Crafting changes, Felucca Champion Spawns and Powerscrolls, Barding/Taming changes, Felucca enhancements/changes, House Ownership changes, the GGS system, the Justice Virtue, Siege Perilous ruleset changes
    Publish 15 - January 9, 2002
    • Housing/Lockdown fixes, NPC and hireling fixes, various skill gump fixes, Faction updates, miscellaneous localizations

    Publish 14 - November 30, 2001
    • New Player Experience, context sensitive menus, Blacksmithing BoD system, Animal Lore changes, Crafting overhaul, Factions updates
    Publish 13.6 (Siege Perilous Shards Only) - October 25, 2001
    Publish 13.5 - October 11, 2001
    • Commodity Deeds, Repair Contracts, Secure House Trades
    Publish 13 - August 19, 2001
    • Treasure map changes, tutorial/Haven changes, combat changes, with power hour changes and player owned barkeeps as later additions
    Publish 12 - July 24, 2001
    • Veteran Rewards, vendor changes, skill modification changes, GM rating tool, miscellaneous bug fixes and changes
    Publish 11 - March 14, 2001
    • The Ilshenar landmass, taxidermy kits, hair stylist NPCs, Item Identification changes, creatures vs. negative karma, vendor changes, various fixes and preparations for UO:TD
    Publish 10 - February 1, 2001
    • Henchman for Noble NPCs, disabling Hero/Evil, magic in towns, facet menus for public moongates, karma locking, faction fixes, spawn changes

    Publish 9 - December 15, 2000
    • T2A transport, Holiday gifts/tree activation, lockdown changes, default desktops, house add-on changes
    Publish 8 - December 6, 2000
    • The Factions System, stablemaster changes, monster movement changes
    Publish 7 - September 3, 2000
    • New Player Experience changes, lockdown/secure changes, comm. crystal changes, dungeon Khaldun, vendor customization
    Publish 6 - August 1, 2000
    • Looting rights changes, lockdown changes, stuck player options
    Publish 5 - April 27, 2000
    • Ultima Online: Renaissance, various updates and fixes for UO:R
    Publish 4 - March 8, 2000
    • Skill gain changes, Power Hour, sea serpents in fishing, bank checks, tinker traps, shopkeeper changes
    Publish 3 - February 23, 2000
    • Trade window changes, monsters trapped in houses, guild stone revamp, moonstones, secure pet/house trading, dex and healing
    Publish 2 - January 24, 2000
    • Escort and Taming changes, invalid house placement, land surveying tool, the death of precasting, Clean Up Britannia Phase III, item decay on boats

    Publish 1 - November 23, 1999
    • Co-owners, Maker's Mark, Perma-reds, Skill management, Clean Up Britannia Phase II, Bank box weight limit removal, Runebooks, Potion Kegs, other changes
    Publish - September 22, 1999
    • Smelting, Unraveling, pet changes, Chaos/Order changes, armoire fix
    UO Live Access Patch - August 25, 1999
    • Companion program, "Young" status, arm/disarm, last target, next target, TargetSelf macros, Ultima Messenger, various bug fixes
    Publish - May 25, 1999
    • Difficulty-based Tinkering, "all follow me" etc., cut-up leather, boards from logs, other skill changes, dry-docking boats, various fixes
    Publish - April 14, 1999
    • Targetting distance changes, trade window scam prevention, "I must consider my sins"
    Publish - March 28, 1999
    • Long-term murder counts, Fishing resources, sunken treasure, craftable musical instruments, jewelcrafting, no more casting while hidden, new Stealth rules, ability to sell house deeds, house and boat optimizations
    Publish - February 24, 1999
    • The Stealth and Remove Trap skills, changes to Detect Hidden and Forensic Evaluation, the Thieves Guild, new skill titles, tying Evaluating Intelligence to spell damage, dungeon treasure chests and dungeon traps, trash barrels, pet "orneriness," miscellaneous fixes and changes
    Publish - February 2, 1999
    • Colored ore, granting karma, macing weapons destroying armor, Anatomy damage bonus, the Meditation skill, lockdown commands, blacksmith NPC guild, miscellaneous fixes
    Publish - January 19, 1999
    • New Carpentry items, Fire Field banned from towns, Treasure Maps, Tailoring becomes difficulty-based, no more "a scroll," miscellaneous fixes

    1997 - 1998
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    Wow just discovered this.. excellent. I was debating going to pour through old Stratics archives to see early patches.. now I don't have too!

    Now I can remember cool things like...

    • You can no longer cast firefield in town.
    This wasn't stopped until 1999!
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