Washed up on Shore.

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    (A man lies tired and weary on the shores of stormhold, shivering and exhausted.. beaten by the oceans tough waves. How he got here, he isn't too sure himself, perhaps he grabbed onto one of his many barrels filled with god knows what and floated half the way.. Swam the rest. This man has a fierce look in his eyes. When reality finally sinks in, he realizes no one else is with him, and neither is his loot. He reaches down beside him, and finds a watered down bottle of ale.. pops the cork, and guzzles it, in rememberance to those claimed by the unforgiving tides..

    Captain Vane stands up, shakes the sand out his pants, and begins looking to see if there is any indication of his ship..

    Nope. Nothing.

    Shit. All that booze.. All those furs.. Nothing.

    Captain Vane looks up to the setting sun to get a hint of direction he may have drifted in, and to estimate the time.. When his awoke on his ship today the sun was barely up.. Now it is down.. Damn. Finally recollecting his thoughts, he remembers approaching an unexpected ship in hops of some quick personal profit.. and sudden... THUMP!

    That's when it happens.

    Quickly, a sea serpent emerges, breaking his sails as if it were no more than twigs and knocking several men overboard. All hands report to deck. Captain Vane yells command.

    CANNONS!.. it barely phased the creature..

    Next thing Vane remembers is water.. Thrashing around frantically he finally gets a good look at this creature.. A cruel, gruesome red eye seems to stare dead at vane.. another crash comes down from the beast. Vane feels something crash into his face, drawing blood and causing nauseousness. He begins to sink. Then... Blackness.

    Just.. blackness

    Captain Vane seems to spot something in the distance.. seems to be.. A town or village of some sorts.. but off a ways. Perhaps he can search for an honest soul or two there.. not the crowd he is accustomed to.. it would sure be a relief.

    And so he walks..

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