Why Trammel was created - Forum post from Gordon Walton

Discussion in 'Era Discussion' started by Alvien, Aug 23, 2019.

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    Trammel really came about because all the angry players got together that were Brigand victims and became developers and GMs.
    Yea, it all started with the o'l "hey guys were only going to eliminate the invisibility rings and other type wearable's you can trick us or be super cool with..
    Then it was the o'l Hey guys its cool we know what were doing here truuuusst ussss!! We're only going to
    the charges
    especially Ghouls touch Because we sux otherwise from all the weapons of britania and replace them with registered ones :) The rest went to pot from there.

    Sorry, i had to make one more comment or it just wouldn't have been right.

    I mean, sounds legit right? ;p

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