Client Patch 3.3 - March 25th, CUO/Razor Updates, Classic Character Creation & More!

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    Starting on March 25th players will be notified of the availability of a client update when using the Renaissance Launcher. (As seen in the image below) This post will cover the changes that are included with this update.
    Client Patch_UpdateMessage.png
    For more information about how the Launcher works, how client updates are delivered and how to get the Renaissance Launcher click here or navigate down to the 2nd post in this thread. ​

    • Every area that had the water updated now should have shading around all the rocks and plants. This helps to create better depth and visuals.
    • When you place thousands and thousands of plants and rocks, some are bound to not place as you would hope and cause some graphical issue (clipping mainly). This cleans up a bunch of them but more will continue to be addressed.

    Character Creation Process
    • When creating a new character, the Samurai, Ninja, Paladin and Necromancer templates have been replaced with Animal Tamer, Bard, Rogue and Archer with shard era specific starting templates.

    This version introduces a new scripting engine that makes it easier to create and share macros.
    For more information, visit the Razor Scripting Engine Guide.
    Release notes:
    • Introduction of the Razor Scripting Engine (thanks to everyone for your time testing and providing feedback)
    • New Sound & Music Tab: Filter out any game sound, trigger music and listen to any sound
    • Added while loop to the macro system
    • Fixed issue with auto-screenshot not working with players with invalid characters in their name
    • Enforce your min light level on login
    • You can extract specific words from the system message to display in the overhead messages (…{1}. {2}, etc for the first, second word)
    • Added Set Macro Variable Target Action to macros that will pause until you set a variable (same behavior as "Set Last Target")
    • Razor's Last Object (hotkey and macro/scripts) should work as expected
    • >hue and >item commands are a bit more informative
    • You can copy/paste friends list when you aren't actually logged in
    • Added option to have next/prev friend highlight friend in Friends tab
    • The Discord overlay shouldn't cause any access violations
    • SysTray will go away on close (instead of leaving ghost ones behind)

    • Fixed the issue players would sometimes have when creating a new character (getting stuck after selecting a town)
    • Fixed the issue with some NPC vendors displaying the incorrect price.
    • Fixed an issues that would result in being sent to an incorrect town other than the one you selected.
    • The World Map built in ClassicUO will now show icons and labels for various points throughout UO Renaissance. To enable, open up the World Map, right-click and enable show all markers
      • Show/hide party names and healthbar
      • Show/hide own name and healthbar
      • Show current X/Y position
    If you're a power user and want to create your own markers or contribute to add more markers for UO:R, they are stored in C:\UORenaisssance\ClassicUO\Data\Client

    Note: This documentation includes minor changes released in Patch 3.1 and 3.2 which has been already been made available via the Renaissance Launcher.
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    If you are not currently using the Renaissance launcher you can follow these links to get up to speed and enjoy these new updates.
    - Renaissance Launcher Download (Supports Windows 7,8,10 and Mac OS Catalina using CrossOver)
    - Launcher Guide (Installation, Macro Migration, Client Selection)
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    Hah yes, Now that we can update the client I will get this fixed. Only reason we have not eons ago.
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    Good stuffs! @Quick did you think the world map could be "detached" of the uo windows one day? i mean.. if you want to put the map in another screen.
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