Client Patch 4.4 - Forge of Virtues - Publish 2 - Aug 1st 2021

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    Follow up on the initial 4.0 release, the UO:R Client Package version 4.4 has now been released to everyone.

    Along with the client update, the UO:R Launcher has been updated to and should address issues some had that would cause the launcher to not open.


    Latest official release version ( that contains updates to lighting to match the original client, adjusts terrain shading to match the original client as well (slider available in Settings to change the intensity of shading), fixes music not working, and some other small bugs.


    This update to Razor brings it to the same .NET version as ClassicUO (4.7.2). In addition to some small changes, there is now a popout script editor, copy screenshots to clipboard and fixed issue with Show incoming name/target causing names to double-up in some scenarios.


    A few small changes to the AMIB maps, mainly around the green AMIB and how you move to the large ship and exit the instance.


    The cave in the Wild Tamer Quest has been updated to provide a bit more room before the encounter starts.


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