Guild Alliances: The Undead, Pirates and/or Orcs

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    [​IMG]Art taken from TeroPorthan, Velvon & DeathStar

    Hail Sosarians! Welcome vets and new players alike, to the relaunch of the UOR Guild Alliance War. What is a guild alliance you say? Our brilliant server employs a unique system which allows players to develop a guild that is directly allied with the Undead, Orcs and Pirate/Brigand class of NPC's. It's fun times and we do a bit of RP while we're at it.

    By allying your guild with one of the following groups the following changes will take place.

    • NPC's of the allied type will now view you as friendly.
    • Regions defined as guild alliance controlled with treat you as friendly.
    • Regions defined as guild allied will treat non allied players as enemies.
    • Both groups when in a guild alliance controlled region will flag orange to each other.
    • Guild members of an NPC allied guild will face the wrath of the various gods should they violate the alliance and harm their allied NPC's


    This past week I somewhat silently recruited a heap of members to my UND guild alliance. Under the radar, I talked with most of the veteran leaders of UOR’s existing guild flags and inducted players from ONE, MiD, CPR, TnT, FL & CuB so as to keep the peace with the already ongoing drama and not be seen as a rebrand. Thank you to all for your time. Most of you know I am anti-drama and I aim to keep this IN GAME and fun for all - Let's be grown ups.

    My UND alliance is against the world, all living souls. We do not ONLY battle orange flagged opposing alliances as the majority of us are reds, but large orange group fights are what we primarily seek. Tbh, most of us are PvP noobs so don’t fret, haha. Future Pirates/Orcs will create their own internal RP codex.

    The Undead WILL guard deceit, we will raid champs, we will fight un-allianced guilds. Have fun and give us hell, filthy mortals!

    In the past, me and Pharaoh tried to get alliances off the ground and failed pretty miserably, so this time I admittedly went a more bloodthirsty route in order to gain interest and a larger player grouping together. We still aim to honour the RP element of the guild alliances, but this time I used that to brand UND as an active PK guild and brought in some known criminals in order to also recruit 10+ noob PvPers in to the fold (In essence, that’s what this is all about- getting new blood in to the PvP realm of UOR). NOW that we have gained a bit of notoriety, albeit negative, I am pulling back the throttle and shifting gears in to a somewhat more pleasant scope. Though, don't get me wrong, there WILL be many PKs in this venture, but with some suggested guidelines, which I will go in to below.

    Hear ye, Hear ye! It is now time to launch the first opposing guild alliance, whether that be Pirates or Orcs, the choice is yours UOR!

    I have reached out to two known, and respected PvPers, merlin (ania, etc) & his known accomplice, BGradeActor (paleface) and they have shown an interest in this next step, whether or not they would like to head up the second alliance or not is unknown- let the discussion begin below. Who wants to rule the pirates/orcs!? Please keep this thread pleasant and respectful as we narrow down the appropriate next steps.

    Before I wrap up this thread with alliance RP lore and info/graphics, allow me to discuss/divulge what I have done with my vision of the Undead guild. I really don’t want to create a set of stone cut rules for this venture so I am suggesting each guild alliance do their own thing- govern their own members in a way that promotes fun fights without drama and keeps the server growing (let’s not go so far as to scare new players away). I have discussed the first week of UND terror with my “Immortal Council” and we have decided that our specific guild, while being anti-life will slow our role with this simple set of guidelines:

    -NO killing of pets if the blue player is solo (alone farming).

    -Looting: I believe we need to set a discretionary rule that if we kill a blue player, we PRIMARILY only loot gold. Looting of regs and runebooks must remain case by case based on your discretion. Don’t grief for the sake of it, causing new players to leave UOR. Yes, looting is part of the reward gains mechanics, but be smart! If the player is red or in the opposing alliance then we can loot whatever we want, dry loot if ya want, use your own discretion. Please, also think before looting of weapons on blue players in case they are new. I really don't want to be your mum and pop on this, please show me respect and I will show it in reciprocity.

    -NO attacking the same player twice within a 24 hour period. Heat of the moment melee mistakes happen, but do your utmost.

    -We still believe in the NO res rule, as we are Undead and that is our way.

    My initial idea for UND was to be really nasty, in RP fashion, but now that we have SO many members it will just drive new players away, Be respectful and use discretion when required- its mostly about the fights and having fun, right?

    My first impression is that my UND guild alliance will need to also toss some of our members over to the other side once established, as we currently have a roster of 18, and the server just isn’t currently that big!

    Ideas/thoughts are all welcome below.


    The alliance events system:
    Town Invasions: Where the allied guild and NPC's attack a town defended by players.
    Town Defense: Where the allied guild members and NPC's defend a town from players.
    Base Defense: Where the allied guild members and NPC's defend and established base.

    Additional event ideas can be built onto this system with a little staff assistance providing enjoyment for the whole server. Players who take part in the attack/defense of such events will not face the standard penalties of murder as the region the event takes place will be marked as a controlled zone creating a orange flagged combat zone.

    ORC Alliance


    • Orc Caves
    • Compassion Orc Fort
    • Yew Orc Fort
    • Cove Orc Fort

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The Orc Alliance is currently allied with the following NPC's:

    [​IMG] Orc
    [​IMG] Orc Bomber
    [​IMG] Orc Captain
    [​IMG] Orc Scout
    [​IMG] Orc Lord
    [​IMG] Orcish Mage

    UNDEAD Alliance

    Bases: Currently unknown if Deceit or other areas have been implemented by staff. Looking in to this.

    The Undead Alliance is currently allied with the following NPC's:

    [​IMG] Ancient Lich
    [​IMG] Bogle
    [​IMG] Bone Knight
    [​IMG] Bone Magi
    [​IMG] Ghoul
    [​IMG] Lich
    [​IMG] Lich Lord
    [​IMG] Mummy (Bloke's Mum)
    [​IMG] Rotting Corpse
    [​IMG] Shade
    [​IMG] Skeletal Knight
    [​IMG] Skeletal Mage
    [​IMG] Skeleton
    [​IMG] Spectre
    [​IMG] Wraith
    [​IMG] Zombie



    The Pirate Alliance currently controls the following territory.

    • Bald Island Pirate Outpost
    • South Trinsic Beach Pirate Outpost
    • Yew Brigand Fort
    • More to be added...

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The Pirate Alliance is currently allied with the following NPC's:

    [​IMG] Brigand
    [​IMG] Brigand Archer
    [​IMG] Brigand Strong
    [​IMG] Pirate Bartender
    [​IMG] Pirate Boatswain
    [​IMG] Pirate Captain
    [​IMG] Pirate Captain Ghost
    [​IMG] Pirate Digger
    [​IMG] Pirate Ghost
    [​IMG] Pirate Navigator
    [​IMG] Pirate Quartermaster
    [​IMG] Pirate Sailor
    [​IMG] Undead Parrot
    [​IMG] Undead Pirate Captain
    [​IMG] Undead Pirate Sailor

    Note: The pirates in the lost lands respect no man and wil ignore any alliance with pirates from the mainland.

    Let's get this moving, yeah?

    Here is my UND guild codex and some misc. fun graphics:



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    As I am an ugly man, I'd be down to ORC it up xD
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    Avast ye! Man the Fo'c's'le- Telamon has graciously just turned on the PIR (PirateAlliance) Guild stone with @Cava captaining the ship through dark and uncharted waters, raising hell and hunting the UNDead. Please PM Cava if you'd like to sign his charter (mark an X if you have no letters) as we get more in to the upcoming alliance wars ahead. Unfurl your sails you salty hearties.

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