Party of the Dead - Looking to build the horde you hate . . . or love.

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    Greetings simpletons . . . mortals . . . "little" men.

    The time has come to bolster to the ranks of the dead. This is paramount after your recent raid on our city . . . with your weapons and your . . . pets . . . friends. Ugh.


    I'll keep this as short and as simple as possible while trying to be as informative as I can.

    We're looking for a few good men or women to help sweep the land and destroy all the living. That's about it! Cheers!


    WHO WE ARE : A undead /hybrid RP / PvM guild with hints of PvP. This will unfold as membership grows and we will be clearer on our direction once core members are established and have communicated their interest. Ranks, planned events, guild discord all come standard.

    WHAT WE AIM TO DO : Destroy EVERYTHING. Or at the very least, have fun trying.

    WHERE? : Everywhere.
    WHEN? : Now. PM me. Let's talk about it.
    WHY? : I feel there is a blank spot on UOR for a guild like this. I've seen orcs, brigands, militias. If there was or is an undead guild . . . I haven't heard about it and/or they've been inactive for a bit. I personally enjoy RP / PvM as well as PvP and will be experimenting with a healthy balance and meeting like minded individuals who share a common goal along the way.

    For those more serious about the RP element, a back story has been formed by a very talented writer and will be showcased soon. We will discuss from there or backtrack on story if you'd like. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    Anyone interested, don't hesitate to contact me!
    Thank you for your time.
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