Patch 102 - May 15th 2022 - Event Updates, Camp Updates, Bugfixes and More!

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    Pirate Tamers Event - Camp Updates
    - After expanding support for ocean based camps we discovered that player detection was spoty related to boats using the classic camp system.
    - Removed the classic camp decay system that depended on player detection and replaced it with a new system that does the following.
    - Camps will spawn with a set lifespan which can be modified by the following actions.
    - If a player defeats or tames all of the monsters contained in a camp, the camp will reset its timer to have 5 minutes of life left.
    - If a player is present in the camp once that time expires the camp will refresh for another 5 minutes.
    - If a camp gets to the end of its lifespan without player interaction it will despawn and cycle as indicated by its linked spawner.
    - Players should no longer have any situations where a camp will despawn while they are engaged with it. On land or on a boat.
    - Improved the staff tools allowing us to set the lifespan of a camp when that is required for special event purposes.
    - Also ensured that if players tamed a creature linked to a camp that it would not be deleted with the camp.
    Note: If you lost a pet due to this bug please contact the staff for assistance. ​

    - Addressed an issue where players could use the items inside of town, leave town and be able to kill a player in town, while outside of town due to the items field effect.
    - These items will detect this situation and experience drastically reduced damage.
    - This has no impact on other situations and uses of this item.
    - Disabled an aggression check that was applied to the firebomb when it explodes in a larger range than the location of the field itself.
    Note: We may revisit this later, but this will reduce confusion for now.
    - Assigned the fields generated from firebombs the proper light level. ​

    - Added clubs as a carpentry craft-able (10 boards) at player request.
    - Add pitchforks as a tinkering craft-able (8 ingots) at player request.
    Note: While these are not ERA accurate changes, there is really no reason these should not be craft-able. ​

    Lockable Containers
    - In order to encourage more learning about the world for our new players we have adjusted the lockable chests on Ocllo island.
    - Players will now find level 1-3 lockpick chests hidden in dungeons around the island.
    - These chests will only be able to be unlocked (pick or magic) and opened by young players.
    - Young players will also have a small chance to find a level 0 treasure map that will be able to be dug up on Ocllo island.
    - This has no impact on chests outside of the new player program.
    - Gathering resources from these chests outside of the new player program will however be monitored by our AFK verification system to avoid unattended gathering. ​

    New Items
    - Added two new items to the rare index. RareTrophy and RareRibbon.
    - These are currently used for player rewards and were not coded as items. ​

    AFK Monitoring System
    Implemented support for collecting look from lockpicking chests to ensure that players are attended when they engage in that activity.
    The flag rate for this activity will be similar to collecting BOD's.​
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    Now we're a proper server


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