Patch 103 - May 30th 2022 - Doubloon Store! Monthly Bugfix Patch!

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    Patch Application is planned for 5/30/2022

    - Welcomed our new c# based Discord Bot Dupre to our discord channel.
    - He has access to most of the common commands that the players enjoy.
    - He will also be helping the staff be alerted to pages and other ingame monitoring.
    - The bot will develop over time with new features and commands
    Thanks to Stormwynd and Ahirman for assistance with the bot development. ​

    Ancient MIB - Doubloon Store
    - The store is now almost completely open. Only a few items remain in testing and should be released soon.
    - We will probably enact future price changes with each season of the AMIB system. With the first season ending in roughly a month.
    - The following items are now available for purchase. The prices should be considered variable depending on player feedback. ​

    Home Decor
    - Unlicensed Used Cannons - 250 Doubloons
    - Questionably Sourced Cargo - 100 Doubloons
    - Cargo Dye - 5 Doubloons
    - Orphaned Portholes - 50 Doubloons
    - Solid Gold Chest - 75 Doubloons
    - Decorative Ships Wheel - 50 Doubloons
    - Authentic Pirate Banner - 75 Doubloons
    - Framed Treasure Map - 100 Doubloons
    - Spooky Wall Scroll - 85 Doubloons
    - Spooky Wall Scroll Dye - 5 Doubloons
    - Recycled Ships Decking - 30 Doubloons

    - AMIB Themed Boots - 35 Doubloons
    - AMIB Themed Thigh Boots - 50 Doubloons
    - AMIB Themed Sandals - 100 Doubloons
    - AMIB Themed Mask Dyes - Pending - We are considering some newer colors.

    - Adopt a Parrot Program (Coming Soon!)
    - Parrot Perch (Coming Soon!)
    - Insightful Clocks - 50 Doubloons
    - Mysterious Ship in a Bottle - 150 Doubloons
    - Ship Moorings - 100 Doubloons
    - Detailed Treasure Map - 125 Doubloons
    - Sunken Treasure Map - 125 Doubloons
    - Heavily Used Rolled Maps - 50 Doubloons

    - Oddly Shiny Coins (Platinum, Coming Soon) ​

    Ancient MIB Dungeons
    - Fixed a problem where some exit gates were not giving players the proper prompt - Thanks Ahirman

    - Discovered an issue where the new camp system would not allow camps to despawn properly.
    - This was caused by the new system protecting camps from despawning while they are active (player in range)
    - Camps will now ignore players in range that are inside a house when considering if they should stick around.​

    - Escorts will no loner be able to detect hidden players for the purposes of trying to bum a ride to their destination.​

    Light Sources
    - Fixed a problem where light sources were burning out and no longer being able to bit lit to the new style of itemid. - Thanks NCCML
    Note: For anyone with light sources still giving them trouble take them to the fix it vendor and use the "Shazam" command to fix them one last time.​

    Lockable Chests
    - Resolved a problem where players were being monitored at a higher rate than normal when looting locked chests throughout the world.
    Note: Players will see these checks much less often going forward. If you failed an AFK check due to this issue please contact a staff member.​

    - Raging Bulls will no longer spawn in the Jhelom farms to address any situations where players were collecting those partially unattended.
    Note: They still spawn elsewhere in the world. This matches systems we have in place at other stable locations in the world to address rare tamable farming.
    - Resolved a problem with a few selections being incorrect for the new wooden floor tile items.
    - Resolved some administrative problems with the camp management gump.​

    - Added the proper 1 second skill delay to snooping.
    - Added the proper 1 second delay to using kindling (camping skill).
    Note: With the improvement in clients and razor builds these are necessary to maintain server performance.​

    Spawning System
    - Resolved a problem with the systems working to avoid monster spawning inside courtyards. In weird situations where a spawner was under a house monsters were not being moved properly to the ban location. Spawn should return to normal in these areas. ​

    Special Fishing Nets
    - Resolved a problem where the ship that can show rarely when using these net would despawn quicker than expected..​

    Strandedness System
    - Resolved a problem where in certain locations you would be sent to an invalid dock location if you logged out on the ocean. ​

    RareSmallCannon.png RareCargoCrate.png RarePorthole.png LargeGoldenChest.png RareShipsWheel.png RarePirateBanner.png RareFramedTreasureMap.png SpookyWallScroll.png ShipInBottle.png ShipMooring.png RareLargeMap.png RareTreasureMap.png RareRolledMap.png
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    hi chris, ive created 2 more accts and they have been active for more then 2 months, but they are not getting plat coins. did i do something wrong?
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    Awesome additions!

    I've a question about the Orphaned Portholes, it is supposed open/close with double click? It's not working for me, I also tried with deco tool but no luck.


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