Patch 90 - March 21st, St Patricks/Easter Event Updates & Much More!

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    St. Patrick's Event / Easter Egg Hunt Updates
    - Added 5 new creatures. Infected Leprechaun, Glover Golem, Banshee, Leprechaun Archer, Mutant Fluffy VII
    Banshee_100.png Infected_Leprechun_100.png Leprechaun_Archer_100.png Clover_Golem_100.png Mutant_Fluffy_VII_100.png
    - The Infected Leprechaun is a new boss that can be found in the Leprechaun caves.
    - Updated the Leprechaun camps to include the Archer, Banshee, and rarely the Glover Golem.
    - Each of these creatures when defeated can spawn a gate to the Leprechaun Caves.
    - Expanded the Leprechaun caves to account for the new monsters.
    - Added gated boss zones to each cave to allow for the progressive spawn system.
    - Adjusted the events so that players must defeat a certain amount of instance spawn before access to the boss room is granted.
    - This will allow for more players to join the instance while it is active rather than early players getting a huge advantage of immediate access to the boss.
    - Players can still try to steal the key from the boss once he is accessible, but not before.
    - Added the Archer, Banshee and Golem as possible spawns in the Leprechaun caves.
    - Updated the various rare drops/unique things players can find during the event.
    - Updated all of the related creatures, including the Easter bunny and fluffy to this years hue.
    - Updated the Easter Egg Hunt reward store with new items and hues for the 2020 season. The Store will open once the event is over.
    For more information about the holiday events check here.​

    Water Fixes
    - Resolved a problem in which champion spawn creatures were spawning underwater still.
    - Resolved a problem in certain edge cases where creatures were still spawning underwater.
    - Resolved a problem with boats that continued to allow players to go deep sea diving inappropriately.​

    Staff Assist
    - Updated the [go menu with more destinations around Ocllo to support the new content.
    - Updated the counselor program tools with more travel opens to the new content.​

    Large Home Raffle - Part 2
    - Updated the raffle section of the reward vendor to include 6 new available prizes.
    - Implemented a gold raffle option.
    For more information check the raffle thread.

    LootType Updates
    - Spellbooks crafted, purchased in a shop or obtained as a new character were incorrectly set to the blessed loottype.
    - Updated the core item onsingleclick action to now include the newbied tag for items that have display loottype enabled.
    - Allowed spellbooks to now display their loottype on a single click.
    Note: Existing spellbooks will not be affected by the change but will properly show their current loot type. The staff will not be altering any already existing spellbook to adjust their lootype.
    Note: Players are welcome to make recommendations on other common items that should show if the item is newbied.

    Clean Up Britannia System
    - Added Leprechaun clothing items to the misc item listing. Each item has the same copper value.
    - Added Valentines candy to the misc item listing. Stacked candy can be turned in as well as single candies.
    - Added Easter Eggs to the misc item listing.
    - Fixed a problem where magical bonuses on certain items were not credited properly. ​

    New Items
    - Added 14 new rare class tubs, each filled with a variety of foodstuffs.
    - Added 3 new rare class shelves.
    - Added 3 new rate class spilled resources.
    FoodTubs.jpg RareShelves.jpg SpilledItems.jpg
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    you missed

    - Give Peace a rowboat for the shallows fishing
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    You spelt moats wrong but it’s ok.
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    Boat in a Moat !

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