Patch 99 - December 23rd 2021 - Merry Christmas! New Items & QoL Updates!

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    Added the new painter NPC which can be found near the west Britain bank in the Artists Guild
    He will sell the following items to players
    - Small Painting Cleaner 25,000 Gold
    - Large Painting Cleaner 75,000 Gold​

    New Decorative Paintings
    As part of the continued deployment of the Forge of Virtues expansion the players will now have access to 29 new paintings in which to decorate their houses with.
    Players can now find soggy, dusty and moldy paintings while doing the following activities.
    Note: The names (dusty, soggy, moldy) are associated with where you found the painting, otherwise they are all the same (small or large)
    - Fishing while searching for Message in a bottle chests.
    Any painting you manage to fish up has a 5% chance to be a special rare painting.
    - Adventuring as a treasure hunter and digging up level 5 and 6 maps.
    Players have a 1/100 chance while digging up a level 5 map to find a rare painting and a 1/75 chance while digging up a level 6 map to find a rare painting.
    - Exploring and completing level 7 treasure map dungeons and successfully looting the final chests
    Players have a 1/50 chance of finding a rare painting in the final chest of any level 7 dungeon.
    - Exploring and completing Ancient Message in a Bottle dungeons and successfully looting the the final chests.
    Players have a 1/50 chance of finding a rare painting in the final chest of any Ancient Message in a Bottle dungeon.
    Large Pictures.png Small Pictures.png

    Fix It Vendor
    Players can now turn in broken light sources to have them replaced with properly functioning ones. There are not a lot of these out there but if you own one that will not work you can provide it to the fix it vendor in the event lobby to have it replaced for a working version.
    The following Item Types are supported
    - RareCandelabraTall
    - RareSkullCandle
    to be added
    - RareCandleTallShortStand​

    Players can also use the "Shazam" command to repair any colored light source that will no longer light/douse after the patch
    Heating Stands, Candles, Tall Candles, Candelabra's, Skull Candles can now be upgraded to new artwork created by NCCML and added to our client by Quick

    The 2021 Christmas Store is now open with a variety of new and exciting items!
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    Ethy polar bear!!!!! Awesome!!
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    Looks good, great work team! Are any of the new store items included as Holiday Raffle items as well?
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    Very cool. I'm going to need that ethy polar bear.
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