Pirate Tamers 2022 - Worldwide Event May 9th - June 19th.

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    From the deepest waters reach.
    To rocks and sand of every beach.
    Pirates gather in search of treasure lost at sea.
    Raising their sunken kin to set it free.
    Stop these pirates from completing their quest.
    Obtain the sunken remains, and lay them to rest.

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    Welcome all to another summer of Pirate Tamers! This years theme will expand to the depths of the sea and the sunken pirate tamers of years past. The sunken pirates cannot be found in the world by normal means. Players must gather the five sunken remains from Pirates spread across the ocean and beaches. Once obtained contact me (Keza), to summon the Sunken pirates and fight for a grand treasure!

    ______The five sunken pieces to gather______
    __[​IMG] ___ [​IMG] ___ [​IMG] __ [​IMG] __ [​IMG]
    Jaw Bone - Leg Bone - Remains - Rib Cage - Spine

    All Sunken treasure is hue 1418, details listed below:

    [​IMG] Sunken Pirate Mask - named&hued mask, can be blessed
    [​IMG] Sunken Pirate Bow - Eminently accurate Power Snake Bane bow (standard bow range)
    [​IMG] Sunken Pirate Trident - Eminently accurate Power Snake Bane pitchfork
    [​IMG] Sunken Pirate Tome - 12 charge named&hued runebook, can be blessed

    For those who combat pirates on land, you must adventure across several locations to obtain all the sunken pieces. I was able to obtain a pirates map marking the locations where sunken remains are being gathered. The five pieces can also be found with pirates at sea. Happy hunting!
    Sunken Map 2022.png
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    Really enjoying hunting with the new tames so far. I hope we get another shot at some more in the future! Amazing event.

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