Server Patch 93 - Forge of Virtues - Publish 1 - March 23rd 2021

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    Forge of Virtues Expansion - Publish One
    - This patch is the first official patch of the Renaissance expansion plan called Forge of Virtues
    - Over the following we will be releasing several large publishes as we roll out the complete Forge of Virtues Expansion.
    - This will include a variety of server and clients atches and broken up into publish collections each aimed at releasing a block of new content.
    Special Thanks to Quick and Keza for work on map updates, monster AI, events and much more.​

    St. Patrick's Event Update
    - Updated the Leprechauns to perform a bit better when hiding their loot. (Properly adjusted their loot table for their difficulty)
    - Updated the items dropped to this years event hue.
    - Minor under the hood improvements to the event.
    St. Patricks Event Thread

    Easter Egg Hunt Update
    - Updated The Easter Bunny with the 2021 season Easter eggs.
    - Fluffy VII has been replaced with his even more mutated relative Fluffy VIII
    - Rare drops have been updated with the Easter 2021 hue palette.
    - Updated the reward store to include 2021 edition items.
    Easter Event Thread

    Fix It Vendor
    - Resolved a minor problem in which the fix it vendor was recommending a 1st year repair deed for everything.
    Note: This only impacted his recommendations based on the item appraised. Everything else was functioning as expected. ​

    Arms Lore
    - Fixed a missing failure message when targeting a single item with arms lore indicating that you lacked the required skill to obtain information about the item.
    - Updated the menu's to a new more standardized Renaissance design. (Still needs a bit more work, but a large improvement)
    P93_ArmsLore.jpg P93_ArmsLore2.jpg

    - Small adjustments to the accuracy mechanics when factored over range.
    - Adjusted the Archery bot protection system to account for archers who are not moving, but on a boat. ​

    Dragon Pet Dyes
    - Now that someone has finally won the rare dyes from the Christmas raffle, we needed to update the dyes to support their use.
    - Allowed the dyes to work on either style of dragon along with applying the custom ice dragon name.
    - Added support for the new Easter dragon dyes for this years Mutant Fluffy Look.

    Misc Fixes
    - Fixed a problem with existing candles of love having the right light setting. This will fix all existing candles.
    - Addressed a variety of naming issues where the incorrect year was listed on items. ​

    Monster Blood
    - Implemented a system to allow for monsters to have the correct blood color when engaged in a combat situation.
    - Also allowed for blood to be disabled in situations where a monster would logically have none (looking at you skeletons)
    - These changes will be applied over time to existing monsters.

    Name Change Deeds
    - Updated the menu players see when double clicking the deed to explain the name change deed policy.

    Potted Plants
    - Added two new potted plant collections available to players as a reward selection from the Christmas Reward shop
    - Implemented a new system for using the deeds allowing players to see which plants are available from the deed, and the chances to obtain each on use.
    - Renamed the classic potted plant deed to "Potted Plant Deed Type 1" to help players differentiate between the deeds when viewing or trading the items.
    - Added 1 new cactus plant to the Potted Cactus deeds. This update applies to any deeds already out in the world.
    - Added a total of 39 new plant items that will be available via the deeds and the gardening system to be announced soon.
    Items with blue tiles are included in the new potted plant deeds, red tiles are plants to be released in the future.
    P93_PottedPlants.jpg P93_PottedPlants2.jpg

    - Implemented a new system to manage the use of provocation during instanced content and events.
    - Players will have to apply logical tactics when using the skill against a variety of monsters.
    - Monsters naturally allied to each other and unlikely to engage in combat will resist the effects of provocation.
    - While less intelligent and monster class creatures will be governed by classic provocation logic.
    Note: This will primarily used during instances to provide a fun challenge for players. ​

    Scoreboard System
    - Implemented a new complex system of ingame leaderboard controllers to support the data rich environment that Renaissance players enjoy.
    - The new system will go online with the improved ancient MIB instances allowing players to challenge themselves and other players in new ways.
    - The system will be slowly expanded to support a variety of competitive activities on the server as we roll it out this year.
    Scoreboard System.jpg Scoreboard System2.jpg

    Faction Bases
    - Implemented 4 new faction bases designed by Quick.
    - Placed each base in a relatively similar location near the factions most related town.
    - Adjusted the guarded region in front of each faction base to allow for a buffer between each base and town.
    - Adjusted the faction definitions to support the new base locations
    - The new bases will provide each faction with equal footing when applied to tactics of attack and defense.
    - Further changes to the bases will be made based on player use and feedback.
    - True Britannia and the Council of Mages bases are still in the same locations but have been drastically expanded.
    Note: This is the first part of our larger faction overhaul coming in the next few patches.
    To engage in discussion regarding the new faction bases check the thread here
    TB Base.jpg SL Base.jpg CoM Base.jpg Minax Base.jpg

    Faction Mechanics
    - Disabled the ability to place boats using a deed or boat model in faction stronghold regions.
    - Players can still sail a boat into the region where allowed, however the staff will be placing strategic blocking until boats + factions can undergo a more detailed review. ​

    Wild Tamers Event Update
    - Moved the wild tamers event to an all new location in the lost lands. - Designed by Quick
    - Updated the Reptile tamers mask of the wild to be the correct green hue.
    - Updated the Rabbit of Caerbannog to drop a new selection of items.
    - Added support for the extended event area and additional unique boss behavior.
    Note: This event will see additional updates in the near future.
    P93_WildTamers_Sky2.jpg P93_WildTamers_Sky1.jpg P93_WildTamers_Sky3.jpg
    P93_WildTamers_01.jpg P93_WildTamers_01a.jpg P93_WildTamers_02.jpg P93_WildTamers_03.jpg P93_WildTamers_04.jpg P93_WildTamers_05.jpg P93_WildTamers_06.jpg P93_WildTamers_07.jpg P93_WildTamers_08a.jpg P93_WildTamers_08.jpg
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    Everything looks great! Nice work!

    Now, any further note on provo changes? Its supposed to make it more challenging but most instances have the same type of monster all along, how will it work when trying to ironman those maps? Will I find impossible to, for example, provo golems/elementals against each other? Or elfs vs elfs, and so on?
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    The design is so that tightly allied groups of monsters in the instances will be resistant to provocation requiring that bards think and plan how they want to use the provoke skill when completing the events.

    In the case of the Pirate Bay event the pirates will resist your efforts to provoke them to attach each other. And during the event all pirates will have red names. While monsters will have grey names only have their normal defense against being provoked against other monsters or pirates. Spawn in each event will be balanced to create some interesting tactical challenges for bards and other templates.

    That said we only see this system being used in challenge style events to make them more interesting for players.
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