Server Patch 96 - Forge of Virtues - Publish 2 Hotfix - August 1st, 2021

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    Patch 96 was applied on 8/1/21 and included a client/launcher update.

    Ancient MIB System
    - Resolved a problem where the Pirate Laborer had the wrong name
    - Fixed a minor problem where the rare drop for the Bone Collector was dropping an incorrect statue.
    - Resolved a problem where the group score was using the players best complete time to calculate the overall time for the ironman cycle.
    - Resolved a problem where the ironman cycle was not properly resetting once a player completed the cycle and received their reward. - Thanks Appauling
    - Resolved a problem where the Sand Demon would occasionally get into an aggro situation with one of his supporting Sand Skeletons.
    - Added a world alert event that will pass a players completion of the ancient MIB to our discord API.
    - The keys given to various bosses will not be a standard loottype until the monster carrying them dies. At that point they will be newbied but able to be looted by the player. This should allow rogue progression through the instances while allowing the keys to not be lost on death.
    Note: Keys are deleted at the completion of any instance.
    - Included a world alert reporting on the completion status of the AMIB dungeons so that it can be displayed in discord by Iolo

    Ancient MIB After Action Reports
    - Included a detailed listing showing the players current complete and ironman cycle status with each completed AMIB so players can easily see what instances they need to complete a cycle.

    Scoreboard System
    - Resolved a problem where players were unable to exit the master leaderboard without going to an individual leaderboard first.
    - Added a detail section showing the same information on the group scoreboard gump but only if the viewer is listed on the scoreboard.

    Special Attack System
    - Fixed a problem where a monster on the same team as the spawner of a poison or damage pool would pass through the pool, take damage, and then view the damage as an aggressive action by the source of the pool. This was causing some infighting between the monsters using this attack and their nearby monsters. ​

    Animal Lore
    - Resolved a page button problem when using animal lore against another players controlled pet. ​

    - Overworld pirates can now be provoked against other pirates in the overworld. This was not a bug just took us time to update the world spawners to account for the new pirates. ​

    Copper Vendor
    - Added a new combined and informative copper vendor for players to use to spend their donation and Clean up Britannia Copper.
    - Some items still require staff assistance but players can see prices and type of copper required.
    - Players can access this using the copper command ingame. You can also access it from the reward vendor in most banks.

    Profile Wallet Update
    - Removed the old copper section from the profile gump and replaced it with a new combined wallet info graphic.
    - Players can see their platinum, copper and character wallets here.
    - This will be expanded over time and function as the players digital wallet for non transferable currencies.

    - Added some sanity checks to try and catch the crash that occurred on 8/1/21 in the middle of the day. This was unrelated to any recent patch and we are still working to re-create the specific issue.
    - Added the flippable attributes for the missing pieces of the stone and marble bench that Quick has included in the 4.4 client update.
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    Oooh... So I want to make sure I understand this... AMIBs are not in the wild yet?
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    Correct. They require a complete rebuild now that the patch is in. But we expect all of them to be live by the end of the week. I will update this post as we make progress there. (Setting up new spawners, testing the new regions, adding all the new content,etc)
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