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    Looking to ride for the brand. Dispensing Justice and helping the young. Joining Texas Regulators [TEX] is not for the weak of heart. We do ride for justice, and against reds. We do forensics on thieves and if wanted kill them on the spot even in town! We track down the grievers and bring them to atone for the deeds.We also group guild farm, and run champ spawns. Please post an application to the guild in the TEX Forums. Also, please join feel free to pm Marshal in IRC and ask questions. We are alt and crafter friendly. We own bunkhouses for non house owners to place a strongbox as well, and we offer a Guild Tower that all are friend to and welcome to train at as well.


    Guild Application Template:

    Character(s) Name(s):

    Preferred Play Style(s): (ie. PvM/PvP/PvE)
    Gaming History: (Focus on UO, but feel free to talk about other games)Time Zone:
    Usual Online Hours:
    Other notes

    I have completely read the TEX Guild Rules and agree to abide by them at all times. I understand that if I fail to follow the TEX Guild Rules I may be immediately dismissed from the guild with no warning.

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