The Siege of Trinsic - A Recurring Mini-Champ Event

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    The mages and scholars at Moonglow's Lycaeum have been under threat from never before seen gargoyles coming through mysterious purple time portals. Those who have entered the gate and came out alive report speaking to Mariah, an ancient mage from Moonglow, who has been stuck in a time loop and is using the Orbs of the Moons to create a time portal going back over 200 years, seeking help against the gargoyle siege on Trinsic.

    Event Overview:

    Where: The Lycaeum in Moonglow
    When: This event will be triggered both randomly and at times will be scheduled. Keep an eye out in #announcements for alerts and scheduled event times.
    Duration: This event will run for 2 hours before the spawn is disabled.

    This is a reoccurring event that runs similar to a champ, but with less of a time commitment and with opportunities for tamers, dexxers and thieves of all skills levels a chance to obtain a small reward even if you don't complete the event.

    • The town criers of Britannia have been sent to monitor the Lycaeum and to announce to the citizens of Britannia when they see gargoyles coming through the time portals.
    • To spawn a time portal, kill the gargoyles around the pentagram and wait for a time portal to appear. This gate will remain up for 2 minutes and gargoyles must be killed again to open a new one (if the event is still going or accepting new people).

      upload_2022-2-23_17-30-11.png upload_2022-2-23_17-34-27.png

    • When you enter the portal, you can accept a quest given by Mariah by answering "yes" to her question with your name in it and following the prompt.
      • You have 10 seconds to respond and click through the gump.
      • If she doesn't give you a book, walk way, wait 10 seconds, try again.

    • You will receive a quest book called "Siege of Trinsic Quest" -- as you kill the different gargoyles, they have a chance of dropping a "clipped gargoyle wing" (more difficult gargoyles have a higher chance). Click "Collect" and select the wing to add it to your book

      upload_2022-2-24_16-3-53.png upload_2022-2-24_16-4-23.png

    • There are 5 phases of mobs, each phase getting tougher.
      • All the mobs killed are lootable and have gold and other valuables.
      • After the 2nd and 4th phase, a banker's camp will pop up for 5 minutes between the North and West rally points.
    • If you collect 15 wings, the quest book will disappear and turn into a reward bag containing a statue, 4-6 holiday coin, 1-3 platinum coin and a chance at a rare "bloodied gargoyle wing"
      • All wings will be auto-deleted 4 hours after they were created in game. This means after the event is over, any not added to your quest log will be auto-deleted. In other words, these items aren't rare collectables to be saved.

    • If you don't complete the quest, hold on to the quest book. You can keep it and add more wings during the next event.
      • If you drop or trade the book, it will disappear losing any captured wings and the randomly generated reward. It must remain in your main bag and is blessed.
      • After you accept the quest, you cannot accept the quest again for 30 minutes even if you destroy your quest book
      • After you complete the quest, you cannot accept the quest again for 15 minutes but you can still collect clipped gargoyle wings
    Side Notes:
    • Special thanks to @Keza for his time, help and sharing his monster templates. It was a huge time saver.
    • This was all built using the in-game tools -- from the quest, champ like spawn and new mobs. While it has a lot of powerful options, it will never fully replace the ability to write actual server code to create these things. I appreciate any feedback that you believe will improve the event.
    • Since it's built all in game, nothing is set in stone and can be adjusted. Adjustments to the mobs, event run time, kill amount, drop rates, turn in amount, etc are all subject to change until the right balance is found.

    • Based on user feedback, the spawn rates have been adjusted. (02/25/22)
    • Between each phase, you have 1 minute to move out of town. This is indicated by the flames firing up all around town. This should prevent you getting stuck in the middle of the next spawn (02/25/22)
    • Moved some of the mobs around to different phases the toughness levels up more gradually. (02/25/22)
    • Added a base camp on the north side of town as well to clear up the congestion on the west side. (02/25/22)
    • After the 2nd and 4th phase, a Banker's Camp between the two quest givers will open up for about 5 minutes. (03/05/22)
    • The clipped gargoyle wings will now drop inside a new monster loot box instead of the corpse directly (03/05/22)
    • Lowered the difficulty of the mobs that spawn in Lycaeum (03/05/22)
    • Adjusted the drop rates on clipped wings to have a slightly better chance to drop in all tiers/phases (3/20/22)
    • Adjusted the mobs in tier/phase 4 and moved the an ethereal gargoyle to tier/phase 5 (3/20/22)
    • an ethereal gargoyle and a serpentine gargoyles now always drop 1 wing, with a chance to drop a 2nd one. (3/20/22)
    • A banker is always available at the north and east rally points outside of town (3/20/22)
    • The quest giver won't call your name out as you run by if you have a quest book (3/20/22)
    • Dropped the serpentine gargoyles from phase 5 and replaced with another gargoyle type. (3/26/22)
    • Slight adjustment to drop rates on wings slightly to balance out the time spent for the reward (3/26/22)
    • Added a south base camp (4/23/22)
    • Decrease the drop rate slightly on the first 3 phases (4/25/22)
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    *cheers* looks great and can't wait to check it out!
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