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    Saturday May 14, 11am EST

    The UNDead Guild are disssgusted to announccce the forthcoming RESISSST EVENT for all of you deliciousss flesssh bagss- everyone with new characters (or old) are welcome to join, unharmed, brainsss uneaten, to GM resist for free on our dime.

    This UND Event will emulate the successssful PvM/MiD parties and run for up to 12 hoursss with as many casters as we can get until the reagents run out. Let's bang thisss out so we can all get back to ssslaughtering monsters and one another during Keza's awesssome Pirate Tamers Event..


    *****DISCLAIMER***** Pleassse deposit anything in your bagssss in your bank!
    To get here enter any MOONGATE to get to the Event Center, then head to the GREEN event gate. Use the GREEN event gate in the center of the first room you enter in the Event Center and it will bring you to the Resist Event.

    To get inside all you have to do is ATTACK the guard out front to die, and come into the training area as a GHOST, where we will be running a Rez Macro at the BLACK cloth spots. Please stand in corner to the left of the stone chair and you will be rezed, as pictured below. Once you are resurrected, enter the training area that is marked in RED cloth. Photo below.


    Putrid Mortalsss, PLEASSSE NOTE!:
    To avoid drama and trouble, wrestling is not allowed, even if it's your two accounts wrestling/healing each other, or a guildie. Anyone caught fighting will be banned from the event and any future events.

    If you need help with macros for the event please feel free to ask in UO:R Discord or PM me. We may want to eat your brain but will find it within usss to asssssist.

    If you need resist on a faction character or if you need access (ie. a red/murderer character) to the event area before the event starts make sure to PM me on discord and we can arrange that.

    NOTE:Hopefully we'll have an event gate but you can also recall in from here:


    P.S. Onccce the ressssist event has culminated, my
    immortals will once again sssseek the dismembering
    of your corpssses and devouring of your brains.


    <3 UND

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