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    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking to improve the output of !pc pricechecks on #uortrade, for when it fails, to make it a little more varied and entertaining.

    Currently it says:
    No price found for xxx. Search weapon prices using "!pc weapon description". SOMETHINGHERE

    I've been replacing the bit that says SOMETHINGHERE with a seasonal one-liner, and have added a few random ones, but thought there might be some out there who fancied contributing.
    Some examples:
    • Maybe someone in channel has an idea?
    • Maybe it's a server unique?
    • Bad luck.
    • Maybe the elves took your results when they left?
    They don't have to be hilarious, just short, clean and no more than 70ish characters (less is better).

    Feel free to put them into this thread, or better yet message me directly here or on IRC so that they can provide the maximum entertainment value for whoever's searches are failing. I'll then review and add them to the script!

    Not sure what !pc is? Have a look here: http://uorforum.com/threads/pc-on-uortrade-price-check-script.27158/


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