Meeting Notes: 9/19/2018

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    Thanks to all who attended, it was a great turnout which tells me we have a solid group of people who want to engage and are ready and excited to PvP. Makes me excited about what's to come!

    Things that were covered for those who missed out:

    • Reiterated the basic rules:
        • No attacking other guildmates without permission. Just because we are guilded and wanting to learn PvP does not mean we want to be surprise bombed at a bank. Intentionally breaking this rule will lead to dismissal from the guild.
        • When in game or in discord be professional and keep crude language to a minimum.
        • No looting. This will get you dismissed quick fast and in a hurry. If we feel someone lost connection, the most senior person will gather the items and return them to the player so they are not lost to decay. If you don't know who the most senior person is, it's probably not you ;)
        • No mount killing.

    • Tab by Tab Razor discussion of Razor and what is and is not important for PvP
          • Click this link to read in detail about Razor
          • Any specific questions can be directed to me and I will try to clarify.
          • On the display/counters tab I shared my Title Bar Display (Get with me in game to work out some of the icons):
            • ~#FFFFFF{shard}~#~ {crimtime} {char} {bandage} ~#ff1616 HITS: {hp}/{hpmax} ~#~ ~#1c82f0 STAM: {stam}/{stammax} ~#~ ~#050d57 MANA : {mana}/{manamax} ~#~ {bp} {bm} {gl} {gs} {mr} {ns} {ss} {sa} {heal} {cure} {refresh} {agility} {strength}{exp} {aids} ~I09B2~: {weight}/{maxweight} ~I1408~: {ar} ~I0EEF~: {gold} {largestatbar}
        • Many things in Razor such as Dress, Agents, and useful Macros will be discussed in detail later when we get to actually training that incorporates them, for now just be aware of what these are.
        • Hot Keys are defined as any key assigned to perform an action in game or in Razor. We covered many hotkeys that are necessary or highly recommended to bind. Please get with me one on one if you want to go through those again.
        • Hot keys need to be easy to access, easy to remember, easy to find without looking, and make sense to you. There is no right or wrong way to set your hotkeys so long as it works for you. We will spend more time on setting and testing hotkeys in action to develop a fluid feel.

    • If you join discord you will need to notify me of your name so I can give you permission to join the chat channels.

    • Our next class is 9/20/18 @ 9:30pm EST.
        • Please be ready to begin training. Come with all the necessary stock you would need to engage in a duel. You WILL NOT need potions or wands for this event. All weapons must be GM non-runic mage. All leather armor must be GM regular leather. All metal armor must be GM made. No magic anything allowed. No deadly poisoned weapons allowed at this time.

    • If I am online I am free to talk with you about anything you want to discuss. If I am in game I will make myself free to practice or go over anything you have missed or need additional training.

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    Thank you for the writeup @Ervin , 9.30 PM EST Time is literally 2.30 AM for me, so ive chosen to leave out on this one to be able to attend for the ingame meetup.

    See you out there :)
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    Thanks again for putting this together Ervin! I'm really excited, and look forward to seeing everyone in the ring ;)

    Unfortunately I may or may not be able to join tonight due to some real life obligations, but I'll certainly be around for future events if not tonight.

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