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Discussion in 'PvP Discussion' started by burgle, Apr 5, 2016.

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    edit:: think I figured it out, you have to make sure Razor is installed in Program Files (x86), mine was in Program Files. Once I moved it over I don't have the problems I was having....

    I have this infuriating bug where razor loses sync if someone (last target) runs barely off screen and right back on. But they aren't desync'd and can target me while I can't target them...

    Example happened a dozen times during several fights against same guy today:

    -I stun him
    -I start casting explosion and open an explo pot
    -I drop the explosion, start cast ebolt
    -ebolt cursor appears as the explosion hits them
    -as the explosion hits, they run to the edge of my screen and then right back at me
    -they are standing right beside me swinging,

    -I have an ebolt cursor loaded and pot with a count between 2 and 1 and am spamming target last target to drop the cursor, it's saying no target on screen, then I hit the pot to throw it, can't throw it because no target is on screen, while the person is right beside me. I TRY TARGET NEAREST NON FRIENDLY, IT CAN'T FIND ANY TARGET ON SCREEN while they're standing right there.

    When I hit last target it throws red text saying no target matching on screen, I hit target nearest and same shit, basically I can't unload the cursor and end up eating the explo pot and ruining the otherwise decent dump.

    One guy was doing it non stop, and basically I can't target him again until I resynch which freezes the client for a second mid combo and lets him close in while I'm frozen.

    Anyone encounter this? Never had desync issues like I do here on this server, what causes it? This version of the UO client? Any way to reduce it's frequency?!?!?

    LOOKS LIKE OTHERS HAVE SIMLAR PROB WITH CONSTANT DESYNC http://uorforum.com/threads/constant-desync.6135/ guess I need to try different client versions
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    There's a resync hotkey in razor options. Try setting one and using it next time it happens, that sounds like what's going on.

    Pro tip for u... Also the target range on this server is 10 tiles, compared to many other servers it's 12tiles (also which razor default sets it as) . So there is a razor option to range check, set that at 10 tiles so ur not losing your crosshair cursor when they are out of range.
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    I did something terribly wrong all the time, thanks ebola!
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    So razor in 86 with UO?

    Perhaps it's just having the files separated in different roots or do are you saying it must be in 86 for some reason?

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