Some information about PwN.

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    Here is a previous thread that gives a little bit of basic information about the guild and whats expected of members.....

    A more comprehensive guide about our specific methods of running each individual spawn will be created and posted in the near future.

    You may pm Stranger or Sunshine in IRC if you are interested in joining PwN.

    We have an IRC channel if you are interested in chatting with us and seeing what we are about /join #pwn

    We have a ventrillo channel in the UOR ventrillo. The channel is (for the most part) private and members only. If you are a PwN member please ask for the password in guild chat. On that same note, we encourage as many of you as possible to join our ventrillo channel, so that we can better coordinate defense, and spawn information (you dont want to miss a champion while you are off in some random corner of the spawn). Even if you dont have a mic, you can still listen.

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